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About The Lost Boyz

           Welcome to The Lost Boyz Community! This community is a multi-gaming community & open for all types of gamer's! The Lost Boyz is founded by Nyixia and without the amazing members & staff that make up this community it would not be what it is today without all the hard work and dedication. Each and every person that is brought onto this team/community plays an important role and that is what this server is built for! Here you will find so many amazing things! Such as:

-People with like mindsets that want to help one another out
-Competitive opportunities for gamer's
-Access to news and content from the community
-A way to connect to others and share ideas and opinions
-Bots to try out and interact with!
-TONS of gaming channels
-Assignable roles We offer an amazing way to connect with other servers and clans/guilds!                       
        We love being able to partner with other communities and to be able to offer more to the community! Respect everyone and most importantly have fun!  
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           All proceeds will go to website, gaming servers, advertisements, giveaways, and dedicated privet server equipment. we appreciate all your help and look forward to celebrating with you!
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