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That's it.  For the same money you'd give for some overpriced Starbucks, I'm offering to at least slightly entertain you from time to time. Or "Time After Time" (spoiler alert).

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?
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Not only do you get entertainment every now and then, you get access to tips and information including how to record, how to work vocals (which isn't easy) and how I can sound the way I do on different songs.  NOTE - No promises.  Not everyone can pull off different levels, but I'll at least give you the tips on how I did it.

Get Ready...Cause Here I Come
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In addition to the others, you get to find out how I stay looking fresh and clean (except my hair.  Nobody gets that secret).  I'll share with you how someone my age can look like a time warp.  No seriously, skin care, acne care, wrinkles, shaving, you name it.  I got you covered.



About The Lost Temptation

What's good witcha, Interwebs!?

Lemme introduce myself, since I've been hidden from history.  My name is John 'Butta' Stucky, and I'm a singer.  I can sing tons of songs.  Once sang with the Temptations, but they deleted all them records.  I'ma let you decide whether I'm lying or not by hearing some of my work and maybe some day, I can get back in touch with Otis, he ain't returning my calls.  I gotta start somewhere.

You can help me out tho.  Join me, and I'll put up samples of my work, reviews of what's going on, anything I can wrap my head around, you got it.  I'll even help you out with tips and tricks on how to do what I do.  Can't get no betta than Butta, let's get it done!

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