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About River Divyne

THE LOVE PROJECT-I am starting this project out of a need to see more Love in the world, in society and in life. The world has become filled with so much negative and hate, with so much advance technology the world has become a very lonely place where seeking and finding love anywhere has become a difficult task. More people are dealing with depression, anxiety and other health issues because of his change in our world today. Out of a great necessity in my own life, where I have experienced lonliness, depression and anxiety, I saw a lack of Love in my own life and wanted to be the change I want to see. So this is the idea that I want to express and give back to the world. This is all about Love the different forms, definitions and expressions of it. Inspirational talks about the meaning of Love, poems, different relationships, different types of Love, the changes in Love over time, the meaning of Love in different cultures and religions. random acts of kindness, body positivity and so much more. This life is a journey every step you take leads you to another step. Each person you meet, each life you touch has meaning and creates an endless ripple effect. We have to begin to see with new eyes, not just from a phisical or superficial point of view, we are more then what we see, we are more and have the ability to Love more, beyond comprehension the human heart has the ability to Love, deeper and wider. We have to tap into that energy and open up that space inside us that has been in silence and has been dormant to Love again or maybe even for the first time. In this era of time our hearts have become desensitized through media, violence, our own personal struggles, crime, technology. We have more ways to connect with people yet yes personal connections, life has become a daily rat race chasing money, fame and fortune. Lets begin to change the perspective and return to our true selves. Join me in this journey to discovery to learn, to expierence, to grow and to expand your mind. To discover and dig deep into your own heart and find your own expression of Love. 

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