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This girl feels lucky to be alive, everyday. An emotional girl with a hipster chic style, who’s loyal to her friends, loving to her family, and with conceited mcbitch tendencies, makes her way through this beautiful world.

I wake up and try to bring my best. I live in the moment but think to the future and the immense possibilities that can come from each. Anything can happen and I can make anything happen that I want to happen. It’s easy to feel dissuaded from going after what you want. It can feel that each time you think you’ve got it figured out, actually you don’t, but that’s life, and that feeling can’t discourage you from trying again. I won’t figure everything out. I’m learning everyday in a multiplicity of ways. Everyone is the same and everyone is different. The details there are fascinating and lovely.

This space is a platform for my thoughts and my voice. Everyone should feel this is in their right. There are more people alive today than have ever been dead, total. There are a lot of people in the world. I am one. I find everyone interesting in their own way, cliche, but truth. I want everyone to feel like the luckiest person alive, regardless of traditional measures of success. I can be single and untethered and unclear of what direction to go next, but I am happy, and that is what being successful should be about. I am lucky, and I am happy, but also I make my own luck, and my own happiness. Life is what you make it. 

the best the worst the most
As a generation, we often talk in extremes, or superlatives. I do, anyway. We had the best night. I had the most fun. He’s the worst. I’m the cutest. Pourquoi pas? It may be true, at least in the moment, and we should live in the moment, as much as we live each moment for the next.

because in life
because she thrives
in any situation
refusing condemnation
fighting for consideration
and appreciation
for all that she is
regardless of what she isn’t
she’s persistent
openly defiant
of traditional expectation
and headed toward a destination
of her own creation

so she goes
this urge to roam
far from home
i must explore
a distant shore
a brand new city
another identity
reject the fear
embrace another ‘here’
despite those i hold dear
wander on, ignore the tear
till i can be
the best version of me
to offer to you
a me, real and true
a found self-worth
a knowledge of grit and dirt
and beauty unspeakable
of places barely reachable
so i must wander
go hither and yonder
to be stronger
and stay longer
on this blue planet
so i am adamant

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