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Process images and stuff!
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If you want to see my characters being stupid while naked, here's the tier for you!
  • 🔞 Exclusive monthly Boys Outta Luck! NSFW comic (usually BL)
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(All R18 content is a mix of consensual and non-consenual.)
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About The Lumière Atelier

JULY 2021: I AM ON SEMI-PERMANENT HIATUS. All tiers other than Curator are tip jars for now; you can still pledge as a Curator and then delete the pledge to gain access to the archives.

Hi! I'm SHIROASA. I love creating stories and characters that are dark, gory and cute. Help me keep making my original works that I'm passionate about by pledging to me! Your support helps keep food on the table!

comics & other stuff I make:
WinglessBoys Outta Luck!online store

🤔 Why support me? 🤔

I'm a freelance artist, so 90% of my time is devoted to earning my income through commissions or creating merchandise to sell at conventions. That means I don't have a lot of creative juice left at the end of the day to use on my personal stuff, because all of it is for work.

As it stands, I can devote one day a week to drawing comics. By pledging to me, you're essentially helping me have a little more time for my original works instead of using that time grinding commissions for munny.

🔥 Where are my rewards? 🔥

All rewards are served on my personal hub and not on Patreon! When you pledge you'll get a link for how to access to all my content PLUS bonus stuff like participating in mini games :-)
If you can't afford to support me, please do look through my Free public posts for some content still!
If you are looking to only get a specific item or comic you can buy singular monthly bundles in my store as well.

⌛ Rewards Timeline ⌛

  • Middle of the month (usually): Monthly NSFW comic is distributed
  • End of the month: All collections (art dumps, drafts, and NSFW) are distributed
  • Interspersed between the month is any videos or process images I might've done
  • Early access comic pages are sent when comics update!

💖 Here's our comics that you'll be supporting! 💖

Wingless: The Dovecote Princess is a dark fantasy story about a girl who wants to become a knight. She learns the hard way that life is not like the fairy tales she read as a child! It is a coming-of-age story about growing up, overcoming your fears and maybe a few eldritch horrors! It has art by SHIROASA, written by Oshgoggles and managed by Pharazon.

Boys Outta Luck! is a silly and cute 4koma about boys who keep having bad or embarrassing things happen to them, and they slowly become friends! It's written and drawn by SHIROASA and managed by Pharazon.

A Petal Between is a comic in progress. It's a dark fantasy/psychological horror about a man who tries to find a cure for a virus that wiped out humanity, by delving into eldritch means.

Your support will allow us to continue making comics! Thank you 🥰

20 of 50 patrons
If I reach 50 patrons I'll make a very thorough, step-by-step process video of how I make comics, with everything narrated and explained some nuance of how I go about things. (Please allow me about 3-4 months after goal is met to create this!)

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