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The Map-A-Day Bundle
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The Map-A-Day Bundle aims to gives you five new maps throughout the week (22"x16"+) following the months theme. The bundle includes:

  • 20x New Maps A Month*. With a new map almost every day you'll quickly build up a great selection of themed maps over the month
  • Early Access Maps. I release maps for free every week; you'll get access to these maps days before they are made available, and they will be without watermarks
  • Map Assets. As well as free asset packs you will occasionally receive free map specific assets/tokens made to enhance a particular map.
  • Back Catalogue. Access to all previously released Map-A-Day Bundles, from all previous monthly themes.
  • Have Your Say. You will get access to our Patron only polls and Discord channel (with a unique title) where you can get involved in discussions about themes and content
*The goal is to release five unique maps a week with variants, however, occasionally a map will be bigger or more detailed and take longer, so occasionally there are slightly fewer
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The Benefactor Bundle [LIMITED]
Limited (27 of 100 remaining)
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Available to the first 100 people who subscribe to my Patreon (at a $15 per month tier) which gives you all the content of the The Ultimate Bundle with a discount as a way to say thank you for being some of the first to support me!

[Foundry VTT Content is not yet available]
Includes Discord benefits
The Variant Bundle
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per month
NOTE: The content in this tier and above is available for $15 a month as a thank you to our first 100 supporters of the Benefactor's Tier.

In addition to all the previous tiers' rewards, with this bundle you receive around 60 Maps every month, and other benefits including:

  • Map Variants. You'll get two additional full map variants minimum (often more), as well as a core version of the daily map. These include thematic changes, full structural changes and even environment changes. You will also get a blank core map where possible which has fewer assets so you can decorate it to your needs.
  • Foundry Map Packs. A map pack for the Foundry VTT made up of the maps released that week. All map pack maps include walls and lighting, sounds/ambience, journal entries and pre-placed tokens/assets where relevant.
  • Back Catalogue. Access to all previously released Variant Bundles, from all previous monthly themes, including maps and Foundry VTT Map Packs
  • Shout Out. Your name in the credits of our YouTube videos and in the "Special Thanks" document accompanying all our Patreon bundles

  • [Foundry VTT Content is not yet available]
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per month


Hi all, I’m Alex and I'm a tabletop RPG fan and working cartographer looking to bring you a variety of professional fantasy themed digital maps for your tabletop games. At an affordable price of course! If you want high quality maps at less than $1 each... you've come to the right place!

On the 1st of every month I start a completely new theme and every map and asset for that month will be part of that chosen theme. The reason being that if a DM and their party are in an environment that I've made a theme for, I want to make sure they have a ton of maps available to them. Themes range from environments such as forests, caverns, urban cities, and are also catered towards D&D 5e Campaign books and adventures where I will aim to creating maps to support official published content.

With each standard daily map I draw a base map and offer at least two variations of that map, changing weather, structures, layout and more; my larger poster maps come with at least one variation. Each time a map set is complete  one of these core variation maps is made available to The Map-A-Day Bundle supporters. However, each theme will have an exclusive variant available only to The Variant Bundle tier and above; these exclusive variant maps are released together at the end of the month.

My daily standard maps are typically 22"x16" maps (four A4 prints) and my weekly poster map is 44"x32" map (sixteen A4 prints), ideal for a large encounter or grand boss battle. My maps come in 140ppi VTT resolution and 300ppi detail print, as well as with squared, hex and gridless options.

My maps are high detail and created with strategy and tactics in mind, offering cover, verticality and interesting terrain. My theory is that a map has to support an exciting encounter and provide players with choices; it can't simply look pretty.

All my maps are designed using assets/tokens, and so at the end of each months I release all the assets that have made up the maps The Variant Bundle and The Ultimate Bundle supporters, allowing them to make their own maps or edit my released ones. All asset packs come in 140ppi and 300ppi versions. Occasionally assets are released alongside a particular map if they are to be used on that map in particular.

[Coming Soon] Whether The Foundry VTT, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or others, my maps and assets are made with VTT in mind and accessible for them. I am a big supporter of the Foundry VTT and so have constructed a number of Patreon tiers for Foundry VTT user where they can get weekly Map Packs to use in the VTT that come complete with walls, lighting and sometimes sounds. For just a few extra dollars from the normal map tiers you can have game-ready maps for your players.

Users of Roll20 will have access to the same maps, however, I am unable to sell Roll20 ready map packs outside of the Roll20 Marketplace. I aim to deliver my content through the Roll20 Marketplace to those who want a similar product as The Foundry VTT users.

NOTE: My Patreon is a monthly subscription basis, not a "per release", and I have a one off initial charge of your subscription level when you sign up, giveing instant access to all the back catalogue of content as well as everything after for your chosen tier. However, Patreon will also charge you your patron level at the 1st of the month automatically as part of the normal rolling subscription. If you subscribe on the 30th of the month, you will get charged at sign up and then again on the 1st... I don't want your money that much, and would hate for people to feel doubled whammied, so if it's late in the month and you can wait then I'd recommend holding off until the new month and theme rolls around before sign up as a patron as you'll still get access to all the stuff you've missed (however, some tiers and special offers are for a limited number of people only).

- Alex
86 of 150 patrons
When I hit 150 patrons, then I'll do a live stream of me making a Poster Map and will make it available for free, with unique variations and assets available only to patrons.
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