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Creating is creating maps and assets for DnD, Pathfinder and other RPGs

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Starter Bundle

reward item
reward item
per month
  • 5 Unique Maps Each Monthly Theme
    • Unique Maps 5 completely different looking each month (maps can range in size), maps all follow a monthly theme
    • Grids available gridless, or with square or hex grid
    • Print & VTT Quality maps are 140ppi scale for Virtual Tabletop in JPEG and WebP, as well as 300ppi for Print
    • Welcome Map Pack a selection of 30 maps from previous themes
  • Full Asset Library
    • Full Back Catalogue available for print and VTT, you will get access to 1000s of assets covering dozens of themes (does not include maps)
    • New Monthly Asset Packs with each new map we strip the core assets from it and add it to a new asset pack each month
  • Patron Only Polls
  • Unique Discord Rank

Essentials Bundle

reward item
reward item
per month
Includes all previous tier rewards as well as:

  • More Maps Each Month
    • 12+* Unique Maps get every map we make in each monthly theme, the number of maps depends on the size of each map, but we aim for around a dozen
    • Variants and Blanks many of the maps we make we offer variants and blank versions to decorate with assets
    • 6 Month Back Catalogue get the back catalogue of the last six months of maps when you sign up, at the end of each month the oldest pack is replaced with the newest. For full back catalogue upgrade to the All The Things™ tier
  • Asset Dungeondraft Integration all our assets are added to a downloadable Dungeondraft asset pack to be used in the software
Includes Discord benefits

All The Things™

reward item
reward item
per month
Includes all previous tier rewards as well as:

  • Full Map Back Catalogue this includes all the maps we have ever made VTT and Print ready, as well as all our Foundry Map Packs (see below)
  • Foundry VTT our Patreon is very committed to Foundry VTT, our maps use the full spectrum of FVTTs features:
    • Complex Foundry Map Packs every month all maps are turned into a themed Foundry VTT module, maps include walls, lights, SFX and some enhanced Foundry elements using various foundry modules (Token Attacher, Levels).
    • Foundry Map Pack Back Catalogue all the maps we've ever made are available in Foundry, all maps are now available as back catalogue
    • Moulinette Integration all released maps and assets are now available through Moulinette (requires subscription to Moulinette)
    • Patreon-Foundry VTT Integration all map packs are now available directly through Foundry VTT, link your Patreon account to Foundry for free, and get access to all our content whilst you are still a Patreon subscriber
    • One Adventure From Crucible Magazine the monthly exclusive adventure that we release each month (starting June 2022) will be fully converted and released as a standalone Foundry adventure
  • One PDF Adventure from Crucible Magazine as above you will get a full adventure from the latest issue of Crucible Magazine, available in PDF with any available assets/maps and Foundry VTT module
  • One Offs Whether additional work from collaborations, or extra content we made out of theme, random releases will be available only to this tier
  • Commercial License license to use our maps and assets in your sold products, (check sticked post, or About page, for full license details)
  • 50% Shop Discount whether purchasing permanent licenses for Foundry VTT packs, adventures, or monthly exclusives that you may have missed, get them at half price
Includes Discord benefits



About The MAD Cartographer

Each month we provide some free maps to our Newsletter subscribers and regularly provide free maps across our various social media and on Reddit.

If you are interested in using our maps and assets commercially, then check out our Commercial Use post.

About Our Patreon

Hi all, I'm Alex a tabletop RPG fan and working cartographer and along with a great team behind me we're looking to bring you a variety of professional fantasy themed digital maps for your tabletop games. From our Patreon you will get each month:

  • A dozen unique maps each month (new maps, not just variants)
  • New Assets to add to our extensive asset library
  • Our entire back catalogue of maps as detailed Foundry VTT map modules (walls, lights, ambient sounds, and complex map design using Token Attacher and Levels modules)

If you want high quality maps at less than $1 each... you've come to the right place!

On the 1st of every month we start a completely new theme and every map and asset for that month will be part of that chosen theme. We release over a dozen unique maps of various sizes through the month (not including any variants we do) all catered to a specific theme, environment or supporting content for official Wizards of the Coast releases.

Our maps can be used on whatever your VTT of choice is, whether Foundry VTT, Roll20, or others tabletops, our maps and assets are made with VTT in mind and accessible for them. We are big supporters of Foundry VTT and each month convert all the maps from a theme into full Foundry VTT map packs with walls, lighting, sound FX and additional enhancements using community mods , providing hundreds of game ready pre-built maps! On top of this we now provide Adventures to our top tier patrons that have a PDF but are also Foundry-ready with their own module.

We have an ever growing list of assets taken from our own maps allowing you to build up your own maps with our assets, or adding additional details to our maps. Our assets are made into padded and unpadded tile assets, padding to a square grid shape so that they can be dragged and dropped into Roll20 and retain the right size. We are now in the process of getting our maps ready for Dungeondraft users.

NOTE: Our Patreon is a monthly subscription that will automatically charge you on the 1st of the month; as we give access to all our backlog we also have charge up front on, so you will be charged for your chosen tier as soon as you sign up.
- Alex

150 - reached! patrons
When I hit 150 patrons, then I'll do a live stream of me making a Poster Map and will make it available for free, with unique variations and assets available only to patrons.
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