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  • Deep, Deep healing inner journey - channelled live music and guidning from a ceremony (5 - 6 hours)
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  • Approximately every fourth day you will receive an original healing music meditation - in high quality AAC format.

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You gain access to the following benefits and events:
  • Healing and transformation - channelled live music at Full Moon Concert (90 min.).
  • Deep, Deep healing inner journey - channelled live music and guidning from a ceremony (5 - 6 hours).
  • Access to Patreon-only posts etc.
  • Approximately every fourth day you will receive an original healing music meditation - in high quality AAC format.
  • Once a month you will receive a track from The LilaRose Odyssey (sometimes tracks not yet published).
  • Access to monthly Q&A-sessions.
  • Jacob´s and Ecaterina´s unique guidance and expertise.
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Hi folks, I’m Jacob Moth from Denmark.

I am a modern shaman, musician, composer, and author.

I have specialized in creating music that induces and reinforces non-ordinary and meditative states of consciousness. My music is based on my vast series of experiences with these states of consciousness through the last 35 years.

In collaboration with my wife Ecaterina and our band Axis Mundi, we play live music in the form of full moon concerts and transformational ceremonies held at The Magic Garden – a modern temple and garden filled with symbolic artwork, a synthesis of tarot, astrology, spiritual traditions, shamanism, mythology, psychology, and much more.

The music we play during these live events is inspired and channeled through us by the energy that emerges in the present moment, and followingly streamed live to our viewers at home.
Our guests express that our music has a healing, transformational, numinous impact on them, and help to open up their lives to the various realms of spirituality.

Being a patron of The Magic Garden

As a patron of The Magic Garden, you get exclusive access to our livestream - a digital platform, where you can enjoy the music, visuals, and energy from our live events, from the comfort of your own home.

Our music is ideal for providing creative music landscapes that you can utilize and enjoy in multiple ways e.g. for meditation, relaxation, inner journeys, spiritual transformation, dancing, creative expression, work, house chores or simply for pleasure.

Alongside this, you can also expect intriguing and interesting posts, a steady flow of original music tracks as a gift from us to you, in order to inspire you, enrich your life and connect with you.

Based on your preferred level of membership, you are granted access to different forms of content and benefits.

Our goal and vision

Our goal and vision is to create and build a global tribe consisting of seekers of any kind. Joined together in planet-wide communion, facilitated by our various livestream concerts and ceremonies, we envision a powerful creation of transformative energies that benefit both the individual participant and also the planet as a whole.

It is our experience and wholehearted belief that the greatest contribution any human can give to our home, our planet Gaia, which is currently facing a emergency spanning worldwide, is to bring ourselves in balance. When we are in balance with ourselves, we spontaneously live and act in accordance with a sustainable way of life.
To use the famous words of Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see.”

With your support, we will be able to continue creating music to share with you, as well as providing seekers across the globe with the help, guidance, and service, that we have devoted our lives to give.

The Magic Garden is a life-time passion, currently upheld by the generous devotion and help of our volunteers. Your charitable contributions is going directly towards a future, where these generous souls will be properly compensated for their dedicated work, so that we will continuously provide deep healing, transformation and the optimal settings and support for you to embark on the archetypal Hero's Journey or as we at The Magic Garden refer to it as: The Adventure of Self-Discovery.

What is Patreon and how to become a patron
For a detailed overview of how Patreon works, I will recommend this great video: HERE.
In short, Patreon enables you to pay for a monthly subscription (consisting of whatever amount you would like to give), in exchange for various benefits and service discounts, in order to support both us, and our collaborators at The Magic Garden.
Your support also helps us to pay our general costs-of-doing-business (office, staff, all of life).

All contributions are highly appreciated. Thank you for supporting our work.

Make A One-Time Contribution (PayPal)

Light, love, magic, and blessings
Jacob, Ecaterina & The Magic Garden Team.

Additional information about The Magic Garden

You can get detailed information about everything related to The Magic Garden on our website:

The physical place of The Magic Garden is essentially a temple and a sanctuary located in Fredensborg (literally The Palace of Peace) in Denmark. The construction of The Magic Garden has been an ongoing process since 1995.

The mission of The Magic Garden is to inspire and support you on your spiritual quest and affirm the values of love, compassion, and wisdom.

The Magic Garden is a multidimensional artistic concept manifesting the emerging paradigm: an entirely new holistic and transpersonal world view.

We are aiming at providing insight into this emerging paradigm through our multidimensional and visionary art, and by giving you direct experiences with spiritual, numinous and healing dimensions by inviting you to participate in our healing ceremonies and full moon concerts.
This opportunity is yours, whether you are able to join us physically or through cyberspace. In any way or form, you are able to partake in the morphogenetic field of The Magic Garden created during our ceremonies and concerts, as we livestream the music and energy directly to you.

The whole concept and creative idea is to manifest a multidimensional artistic expression of the cartography of the psyche, and a blueprint of the most essential archetypal myth - The Hero’s Journey. This is the journey that we all undertake in various depths, and at various stages on our path.

The Magic Garden is aiming at transcending, implementing and integrating spiritual, psychological, philosophical and mythological traditions from all over the planet. This is a life-long mission and process.

Are you curious and want to dive deep into the mysteries, magic, and joy of the Universe?
The Magic Garden offers layers upon layers of storytelling, mythology, symbols, and visions exploring the cosmic game that we all participate in.
Whatever path your inner healer leads you on, we at The Magic Garden are deeply devoted to providing you with the necessary support and guidance, you may need.

The four pillars of The Magic Garden

The Magic Garden consists of:
1) The Magic Garden – The place.
2) Axis Mundi – The team and music.
3) The book “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” – Our experience.
4) The LilaRose Odyssey – Our music cosmology.

1) The Magic Garden – the place

The Magic Garden is located in Fredensborg, Denmark. The Magic Garden is a very unique spot on the planet. It is constructed to give you the optimal surroundings for deep healing and transformation.

The Magic Garden is based upon a vision Jacob got from a spiritual being on the culmination of his spiritual quest in 1995. The vision and message that he received was to create a modern cosmic space station; a modern temple; a modern grail castle.

Jacob and his wife Ecaterina have consistently followed the complex instructions from that exact vision in order to create this magical place. This is an ongoing and living process, as it evolves and grows like everything in Nature. Visit for detailed description, pictures, and more
2) Axis Mundi – the team and music

The core function of The Magic Garden is as a modern temple built to support and assist you in deep psycho-spiritual transformation, in order to become the best version of yourself.
This is facilitated by Axis Mundi, our band.

Ecaterina and Jacob have joined forces and energies with musician and facilitator Peter Hviid and urban shaman Georg Stolpe. Together they are Axis Mundi. Axis Mundi conducts ceremonies, where they take you on deep transformative inner journeys.

During inner journeys, music is the main vehicle that you are traveling on. Axis Mundi has specialized in playing authentic, original, live journey music to provide the greatest support for you.

To share the healing and transformative music with the whole world, Axis Mundi releases an album every month on all digital platforms. The music on these albums is recorded live during ceremonies hosted in The Magic Garden. The albums are approximately 4-5 hours long.
As a patron, you have access to the livestreaming of Axis Mundi’s music from ceremonies and concerts.

Visit for more information.

3) The book “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” – our experience

The Magic Garden is based on a 16-years long and deep inner journey that Jacob undertook from 1984-2000.

In the book, which essentially can be considered a travelogue, Jacob shares his experiences. The book has a preface by world-renowned consciousness researcher doctor Stanislav Grof, MD, in addition, it has also received an endorsement from both Chris Bache and Stanley Krippner.

Jacob has more than 35 years of experience with technologies of the sacred and non-ordinary states of consciousness and his book provides insights and guidance on your quest.
Jacob is working on writing two more books.

Visit for more information.

4) The LilaRose Odyssey – our music cosmology

The vision for this music cosmology consists of 11 distinct albums. Each track is intertwined with a specific location in The Magic Garden. This gives the idea of The Magic Garden, as a cartography of the psyche, new and expanded dimensions. Three of these albums are already completed. Much work with forthcoming albums, vlogs, and more, lies ahead.

Visit for more information.

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