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Ad Blocker Forgiveness: I know, you hate ads, so you have the latest and best Ad Blocker Chrome extension/etc built in so that you're not bothered by ads on Youtube.  Unfortunately, that does directly hurt me because if those ads don't run, I don't see any revenue.  Feeling guilty?  Hop on this reward tier and all is forgiven!
Crack a Pack Tuesday Draw + Discord
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Become eligible to randomly receive the cards from a Crack a Pack Tuesday! Each week, a random Patreon at this level and above will be chosen to receive all the cards from a Crack a Pack Tuesday!

You'll receive access to my Patrons-only stream, where I'll post all kinds of exclusive information such as upcoming Top Ten list plans for your feedback and suggestions, early Set Review notes, and more! 

In addition, you'll get access to The Mana Leek Discord!  There you can chat with me and amongst yourselves, join in voice chat for non-Magic games on Twitch streams, etc!  I want to foster a community here and Discord's a great way to do that!

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Sponsor a stream draft! One stream draft a month will be sponsored by you. You'll get a shout out, and any and all cards from the draft will be sent your way!  I can't guarantee the exact date of the draft, but it'll happen somewhere within each month, probably on a weeknight after 6pm EST, otherwise potentially any time on a weekend.  If you miss it, it'll be uploaded to the Youtube channel for rewatching!

All Patrons at this level also are entered to randomly receive the Crack a Pack Tuesday cards.

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About The Mana Leek

Magic's expensive, I think we all know that!  Producing a lot of weekly content is also expensive.  I love producing the content, and I make a small pittance from Youtube (we're talkings *ones* of boosters worth of value most weeks!) but getting further support would help me out a ton!  Just as a quick rundown, this is what The Mana Leek currently produces:

Weekly Series:
  • Crack a Pack Tuesdays - A pack of the latest set gets opened, and we discuss what the pack 1, pick 1 could be.
  • Wacky Wednesdays - Something that's not the current draft format.  Sometimes it's a flash back draft, other times cube draft, and of course, Momir Vig.
  • Top Ten Thursdays - A top ten list covering a specific topic.  Recurring topics include Top Ten Art of a set, Top Ten Commons in a set, and everyone's favourite, the Top Ten Cards I Was Wrong About in a set's review
  • Spikey Saturdays - A simple, spikey draft of the current format.

Recurring Series:
  • Set Reviews - A full, in-depth review of every card in the set from a Limited perspective. I tend to produce the first, full, card-by-card set review available on Youtube, with the first video coming out hours after the full set is revealed.
  • Paper coverage - Recaps of paper drafts and events from my local game store with full draft footage.
  • Box openings - On release weekend, I crack open an entire box of the new set.  No real strategy discussion, just pack cracking goodness.

With support from you, you can help ensure that, at a minimum, these series continue.  All donations will go straight towards Magic product (both online and in paper) to continue producing these series.  Beyond that, if I get enough support, I can look at expanding further, including things like more regular Twitch streams, the return of stipulation drafts on Wacky Wednesday, weekly Magic news recaps, and perhaps even a foray into Constructed play!

I greatly appreciate any support you can offer!  $1,000?  $1?  You name it, I'll appreciate it greatly!
$150 – reached! per month
At this goal I'll be able to look at getting into serious constructed play on MTGO and producing appropriate content for it on the channel, likely in the form of a weekly series.  Pauper and Standard to start, then perhaps even Modern, Legacy, or Vintage later on!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
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