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Stories and all content in The Manifold Files are and always will be open and free to everyone. However, in-depth journalism needs funds, so here is what we propose: you can choose to support our work with a small monthly donation, and become a member of a community of close supporters.

We have no perks to give, though there are a few things we are planning that we hope will bring members together not only in helping us produce more independent, in-depth journalism, but also in actively engaging with journalistic investigations. One idea is a members-only newsletter, with information and commentary on how our investigations are progressing. Another is a regular online, live-streaming session, so that you and we can discuss ongoing investigations and brainstorm about new topics we can tackle.

Realistically, we cannot put any of this together before September. But if, in the meantime, you feel like you can spare a small amount each month, just click "Join". We'll make it worth your while.




At The Manifold Files, we do long-term, in-depth investigations into critical social issues. We publish these investigations as “Files”.

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