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The Worldbuilders
$1 or more per month patrons
Every month, you'll receive demos, annotated lyrics, letters, vlogs, mood boards, inspiration playlists, and more. Join in as we make communal art together and design these fantasy worlds. Your contributions and conversations will help shape our album, and as many as possible will be included in the Multiverse Anthology. This is part fan club, part collaborative project, part imagination party palace. Once we get there, you'll receive digital versions of whatever we make (i.e. the album, the Anthology). 
The Seamrippers
$20 or more per month patrons
You are a member of the Worldbuilders fan club/art-making community no matter how much you give. But if you'd like to give $20 per month or more, you will also receive physical versions of whatever we make (i.e. the album, the Anthology, merch). We'll also be doing a few small-group google hangouts, and Seamrippers will be invited to those.