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About The Mantle

2009 - 2019
Celebrating 10 Years!

Thank you for visiting The Mantle's Patreon page!

Why should you support The Mantle?
The Mantle publishes globally diverse voices who offer unique insights into social, political, and cultural subjects to educate the intellectually curious, bridge cultural gaps, and foster empathy.

We publish essays, interviews, and critiques in our magazine, as well as fiction and nonfiction books. For a decade now we've published hundreds of writers from nearly 100 countries -- some for the very first time.

Bottom line: Soliciting and publishing smart content that bridges cultural divides and expands your worldly knowledge isn't free. We're asking for you to become a partner.

What exactly is the money going to?
Conceptually, your support fosters the publication of ideas and constructive dialogue by writers from around the world. Concretely, your support allows us to pay for several recurring expenses, such as:

  • $35/mo is what it costs to use Google's email and cloud platforms, so we can collaborate and communicate with each other, with our authors, and with you.
  • $30/mo is what it costs to host our website.
  • $65/mo is what QuickBooks charges us to track revenue and expenses.
  • $N/mo to pay writers for essays published on The Mantle (forthcoming!)
  • $450 is what a table at Brooklyn Book Festival costs, while $100 is what a table costs at the Bronx Book Fair

There are more monthly and annual costs. If you want more information about The Mantle's operations and have questions about how we use your funds, contact Shaun Randol (editor in chief). 

We exist beyond the digital space!
We regularly get together as a team, and as often as possible with our writers to promote the great work that comes out of The Mantle. Whether it's at a festival, a book reading, or simply getting together for lunch, we strive to create meaningful relationships with our writers and contributors. Here are some photos of us and our authors in action: 

top: Ayobami Adebayo and Shaun Randol in Uganda; Donald Molosi in Germany | left: Emmanuel Iduma in NYC | middle: Stanley Gazemba and his mother in Kenya; Matthew Turner in New Zealand | bottom: Emmanuel Iduma, Shaun Randol, and Dami Ajayi in NYC

And sometimes our writers get together, like Stanley Gazemba (left) and Donald Molosi (right) did when Donald visited Kenya to promote his new book: 

On behalf of all our writers around the world, THANK YOU for your patronage!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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