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Joe and Logan: An Origin Story

Joe Peppermint was born of Vulcan’s fire, sculpted by Neptune’s winds, and raised on Beyoncé’s music. He became known by various names to many cultures. Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Pitbull. And yet, he was cursed with loneliness. He needed a friend.

Logan Butterscotch was orphaned after the Duke and Duchess of Wimbdybrook were run off the road by radical parties. Found in the wreckage, Logan was adopted by humble railway bandits, and later came to lead the ruffians. After being bested by a bogey train, Logan realized he could, instead, do good for the world, and he couldn’t do it alone.

Logan and Joe first met in a Neo-Rustic coffee shop, and after fighting over the last Splenda pack, they both knew they were destined to work together. The world’s greatest partnership was born.

The Marquee: What We Do When Not Vanquishing Evil Forces

The Marquee Podcast came about because of our sheer love for good movies and the joy of hating bad ones. We wanted to create a community similar to a book club, but with 100% less paper cuts and 90% less reading. Movies on Netflix were the perfect answer. Each week, we pick something new to enjoy or enrage, and get to dig deeper into big topics and stupid jokes.

We freaking love what we do.

Moving forward, we want to spread the love of film to everyone we can, and our podcast is just the start. Let’s bring this discussion to our loved ones, coworkers, and even that barista who gives you attitude because you happen to come in right at the end of his shift. That’s where you come in.

Capitalism, But It’s Chill, Ya Know?

Asking for any amount of money is a big deal, and we get that. We all have bills to pay, on top of our Netflix subscriptions. We want to keep our asking prices small, while giving back with offers worth way more than what you’re putting in. Community discussions, monthly livestreams, and even helping us pick the next movie! We want to engage with all of you, and have some fun doing it.

We want to assure you that your donations aren’t going to a Scrooge McDuck money pit that we swim in all day. The money we receive goes right back into running and improving the podcast, website, and community. We need to pay for hosting, equipment, bargain bulk coffee to get us through late nights of editing, and advertising to bring in even more listeners. Your donations go right back into making this experience better, for you, for us, and for others.Thank you.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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