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The M Company is a new tech company, looking to optimize and revolutionize the way we all use existing technology. The goal is to be completely investor-independent, and rely on profit and crowdsourcing to provide most of our products for free.

First things first, where does the money go?

One important thing to note is that The M Company is not incorporated yet. As it is a one-person operation for now, and the company doesn't have a business account, I (the founder) want to disclose where the money is going:

  • The first donations go towards covering the server and domain costs for The M Company's products, such as and
  • If there are enough patreons, this will be able to provide the founder with a salary to dedicate her full time to providing free products that help you optimize your existing work flow, and, in the future, your tech devices.
  • If there is a great amount of patreons, I will be able to hire a second developer to help me with the workload and therefore bring way more quality products, and will help bring The M Launcher to life much quicker.

How can you make this possible?

The M Company's founder (the one writing this, hi!) decided to take on the risk of dedicating most of her time developing the first few products, so the world can see what The M Company stands for.

Much, much bigger things are ahead. Bigger ideas, bigger projects. But as any group of problem solvers (engineers, designers, developers, etc.) will tell you, it's better to start small.

That's where you come in. If you're interested in what more The M Company can bring to the table, to the industry, you can help us get bigger. Contributing on Patreon would help fund bigger projects, such as The M Tool Launcher, which would help save the time spent switching between apps and better organize your phone.

What about tiers?

As we launch more products, tiers will become available. Two perks that we can hint at: A premium version of The M Tool Launcher, direct discussions with the founder here on Patreon. The rest will be announced in the future, but rest assured they'll be quality perks as a 'thank you' for supporting a small company that's just starting.
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