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About The Mental Breakdown

Hello! Welcome to The Mental Breakdown, where we create podcasts and videos that provide listeners and viewers with information, tips, and strategies for improving their lives and maximizing their potential. We are doctoral level psychologists with years of experience in working with children, teens, adults, couples, families, and schools. Our goal at The Mental Breakdown is to translate complex medical and psychological concepts into manageable bits of information that people can understand and use.

We are about to begin the second phase of our online expansion that will include online courses, workshops, webinars, and more. So join our community and help us put an end to the mental health stigma and help each other to live happier, healthier lives!

What does The Mental Breakdown do and what is Psychreg?

Dr. Berney and Dr. Marshall are practicing psychologists based in central Florida. In addition to their active clinical practice, they host The Mental Breakdown, a six day per week podcast where issues related to mental health, education, parenting, relationships, and more are discussed and analyzed. Our Monday through Friday podcasts are generally short - 15-20 minutes - while the Saturday podcast may include long-form interviews or cover topics in need of more in-depth discussion.

All of our podcasts are posted on our website, on iTunes and Google Play Music; they are also posted as videos on YouTube. You can subscribe, follow, and/or like us through any or all of these sources to keep up to date with the latest information.

In early 2017, The Mental Breakdown joined with, a UK-based website focused on bringing information from professionals all over the world to one place. Psychreg is growing at a staggering pace and Dr. Berney and Dr. Marshall were honored to be asked to host the Psychreg Podcast, a UK-based broadcast of The Mental Breakdown podcast.

But we have plans... Big plans.

An enduring passion at The Mental Breakdown is teaching. To date, most of our teaching has been in more structured and traditional graduate and undergraduate courses. However, we are about to expand our teaching opportunities to the web! We are CEU providers in Florida for psychologists, school psychologists, LMHCs, LMFTs, and LCSWs. We can offer web-based CEUs that cover a range of topics from specific mental health issues (i.e., ADHD, Autism, etc.) to more generalized topics (i.e., personality theory, parenting, etc.).

In addition to offering formal courses for professionals needing CEUs, we plan to create therapy-like courses for individuals who are seeking support and assistance. Earlier this year, we produced our first course, Parenting Your ADHD Child, that is already available on YouTube. With just a little support, we can improve the quality while reducing our production time, thereby allowing us to offer more courses and a shorter turn-around time.

Why support us?

That is a great question! All the work that goes into sharing information with our listeners and viewers takes time... A lot of time. Currently, we do everything ourselves; from scheduling interviews, researching topics and recording the shows, to editing the audio/video and creating the posts online. And all of these things take time.

When we first started, we had a little extra time to do these tasks ourselves. So that we don’t take time from our clinic schedules, all of our preparatory research, recording, editing, and producing are completed in the early morning hours and on weekends. Our primary expenses, therefore, are for maintaining our website, web-hosting, and software. In order to increase production and create the new programs, we will are going to need some part-time help with production and an upgrade in our software and equipment.

What next?

Thank you so much for visiting our Patreon page and considering becoming one of our patrons. If you like what you see and feel inspired by the direction we are headed, we would be honored if you would consider pledging your support. Every dollar counts and 100% of the patron support we receive will be used for the production of content--content that will help everyone become the best possible version of himself or herself.

As a patron, you will receive rewards, which include access to our Patreon-only Discord server, where you can engage in conversation directly with us on topics and show ideas. In addition, as a patron, you will receive early access to all of our free workshops and webinars, and discounted enrollment for our CEU courses. We will add other rewards as time goes, including t-shirts and other merchandise. So stay tuned! There is much more to come.
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Saving Time! When we reach this goal, we will be able to recruit a part-time producer to take over all of our editing and posting. This will, of course, free up time for Dr. Berney and Dr. Marshall to start working on our next big project!
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