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No multiple tiers bs, just donate whatever you like. Giving everything I can at once.  

   Access to Patreon Feed with exclusive teasers, hints for upcoming content and my general thoughts.

  Downloadable little things like tablatures for my covers, mash-ups and stuff;

   A stylized "Thank you" at the end of my videos with your name;

   Early access to the new covers 4-5 days earlier than the rest of the slowly dying world; 

I'm very new to this so if you have an idea of what more I can do or share (like PSD projects of my artworks or something), you can easily suggest it anytime!




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About Mira Roy

Hi, my name is Mira and I'm doing a thing where you bang your head to the outdated metalcore music. If you'd like to support this kind of activity, that'd be pretty cool.

Can't give you my word that eventually I'll make a bass cover of your favorite song, but what I can promise is that all of your donations will be used only towards the content. I won't take your hard-earned buck and like go get myself another tattoo or order a medium pizza instead of a small, nah-ah.

I'll put them in my virtual cookie jar until the next cover and then buy those above-the-budget strings so you can enjoy a nicer sound. Or I could use them to persuade some band's guitarist (whose song I'm trying to cover) to make me a tablature, which I gladly share with you afterwards.

Even tho I'm gonna be doing one cover in ~five weeks I've decided to go with "by cover" type of donation since I don't want to give myself a pressure of deadlines. Also I'm doing all of the video production as a hobby so sometimes I may need those few extra days to polish some stuff.

P.P.S. Поскольку мои патреоны живут на разных концах света, я буду писать все свои посты как на английском, так и на русском языке || Since I have patreons all over the world including Russia/CIS region I'm gonna be doing all of my posts in both english and russian languages.

$20 of $100 per cover
When I reach this milestone (which I most definitely won't, that's why I'm setting it hehe), I'll make a mash-up/medley of the best album ever recorded in the history of man, which is obviously "Someday Came Suddenly" by Attack Attack!
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