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About The Misplay

Well, look who wandered in.

Mark and I are incredibly grateful you've made it this far. We feel awkward even asking for donations. The reality is podcasts cost money. I sold all my Magic: The Gathering cards to buy the mics (no, really). And when my wife sees the hosting fees on our joint account...I’ll have some ‘splainin to do.

Our show goal is equal parts fun and betterment. We hope you laugh at our misplays and share yours. Beyond the bi-weekly show, we’re working towards:

  • Streaming
  • Sharing competitive and fun decks
  • Creating a Misplay inspired comic
  • Growing and participating in the Eternal community

One of the thing we've learned over time is people don't donate to podcasts for the Patreon perks. They donate because they enjoy the content and want to support the creators. Which is why when you donate to our show, you receive every perk we offer. If you love the content we're creating, consider donating at whatever level makes sense for you.

Find us on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thank you, Traveler!

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When we reach $50, we'll record our show live on Twitch once a month.
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