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About The MobCave

Welcome to The MobCave, where EddCase and his family call home!
I have been making gaming videos with my brother OddyC on our YouTube channel since late 2012. Our adventures began as a collection of Minecraft series, which evolved into a PC variety gaming channel, and has since become the home for my monthly and weekly Minecraft challenges, "Mage Rage" and "Are You Hardcore?", and some entertaining highlights from my streaming channel.

Where I Am, Where I'm Going
I appreciate each and every person who has supported me over the years, and I am incredibly grateful to you for keeping my dreams alive. I aim to reciprocate by providing a continuous supply of content, in the form of livestreams from Twitch, and Minecraft challenge maps and updates.

Content creation has always been more than just a hobby. I pride myself on the dedication and effort I put into my videos, streams and challenges, and it’s great to see when people enjoy my content as much as I enjoy making it. With your help, I can continue to provide – and raise – the high level of quality my viewers and players have come to expect.

Where Your Money Goes
In becoming a MobCave Patron, you are helping me to continue creating fun, inventive and exciting games, and to keep streaming regular content on Twitch. However, your pledge means far more to me than just the money you give. Whether you pledge $2 or $50, you are helping to improve my standing and reputation. Each individual pledge helps boost my prospects and allows me to continue doing what I love.

Your pledge will also directly improve the quality of my streams. Better equipment and software will help reduce the effort of content creation, enabling me to stream more often. I will also have the money to buy and stream more games, and a higher source of income also means I can start giving back to the community more than I have been able to in the past.

Thank you so much for your support, and welcome once again to The MobCave!
~ EddCase

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