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About Doctor Who: The Moment

On each episode of The Moment, I speak with a different guest about a moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot about for whatever reason.

The response to the first season of the Moment has been incredible. The audience is fairly small, but so many of you have reached out to express your appreciation for the hard work that goes into the show, as well as the fascinating insights brought to the table by my guests, ranging from the thoughtful to the moving to the hilarious, and occasionally, all three. On a personal level, I've learned a lot from my guests and from the work of producing the show. The Moment has been easily the most creatively fulfilling project I've ever worked on.

Producing the show takes a lot of time and work, but it's a labor of love. I'd do it for free, and I have done it for free. However, a few listeners have asked if there's any way to support the show, and that's where this Patreon comes in. This isn't a paywall, and there's no patreon-exclusive content. It's just a way for you to support the show, if you are interested in doing so, and for me to recover some of the time and money involved in making it.

If you do end up supporting the show here on Patreon, I greatly appreciate it. If you'd rather give the show a few bucks without making a recurring transaction, please consider using the show's page on ko-fi to do so. And regardless of whether you donate to the show, I want to encourage you to support not only independently produced media, but also charitable causes that make a difference in the world. You can find some recommendations in the show notes for the season 2 announcement trailer.

And if you can't support the show with cash, or just prefer not to, please keep in mind that the best way you can help The Moment is by telling a friend (or a social media feed) why you like the show, and why they might too.

Tom Dickinson
$15 of $20 per episode
When I reach $20 per episode, that will pay for all the out-of-pocket expenses associated with hosting and distributing the show!
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