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Momma Lionness. Momtuition Circle
per month

Just like a pack of lionnes’s, together we gather and work together as a group to guide one another through the exciting yet sometimes confusing journey of parenthood. 

Momtuition is a community of like- minded women seeking emotional/ spiritual health on their journey in Motherhood & womanhood. 

Momtuition Circle meets in Monroeville bi- weekly. These meetings are also recorded live for those who can not attend in person. 

All videos are available for replay.

 Each session is topic focused 1 hour meeting,  discussions are centered in mothering, womanhood, parenting highly sensitives, and managing stress and overwhelm in our personal and family lives. 

Membership includes:

* Access to Momtuition circle (online and/ or in my home Monroeville, NJ)

* Generalized Monthly Reading for the group (Youtube) 

* Monthly Fire Circles (Monroeville, NJ)

Downloadable content:


  • Blogs, Videos, and exercises for you and your family
  • Ongoing facilitated group discussions online with your facilitator and the Momtuition Community
  • Weekly empowerment and affirmations (written and video)
  • Guided meditations:   audio & video library of health, wellness, cleansing, restorations, alignments, guided ‘block removal' (based on monthly curriculum) and much more
  • 10% Discount on specialized classes
  • 10% Discount on Retreat days and workshops
  • $15.00 for Anxiety and Moon Mists ($18.00 value)
Momma Wolf. Momtuition Readings.
Limited (4 of 4 remaining)
per month

The wolf has an incredible instinct for what she seeks, sometimes it’s the right voice, the right guidance, the right words, the right scent, she knows what she needs to keep herself on track. She seeks the conditions that facilitate her spirit growth. In the Momma Wolf program, these 1 time monthly readings will help you stay in tune to your souls deepest desires, and keep a finger on the pulse of your life. 

* Access to all materials and benefits of tier 1 plus,

* One to one monthly reading (60- 90 minute session) ($88 value) via Zoom app

* (15%) Discount on personalized Moon Mists that coincide with reading

Momma Owl. Momtuition Maintenance.
Limited (1 of 3 remaining)
per month

Momma Owl is the way seer. She has eyes to see in the night, she knows how to explore the riches that live in the darkness. The wise and all- knowing wisdom seeker who dares to explore the forbidden forrests inside of her. It is said the Owls represent life cycles and the power of transitions... 

And it is here, in the Momma Owl program you can begin to tap into the heart of your inner power. Included in your program: 

  • Acces to all materials in tier 1 

  •  (1) one- time 60 minute Assessment session to help client identify personal, family and/ or career goals and how this program can benefit the client

  • (1) 90- minute session 1x monthly via Zoom app

  • Personalized Moon Mist to help alleviate stress and anxiety

  • 3 text message/ private message check- ins in between sessions to for additional mental/ emotional support




per month

About The Mommy Healer

It hit me one day, brought me to my knees with tears in my eyes. I saw myself in the hearts of moms who were depleted. I felt the yearning to teach what I’ve coined, ‘Mommy Medicine‘. Moms are the healing solution their child needs. Yet the wailing cries of frustrated exhaustion prevents mom from accessing this in its entirety.

I examined the societal expectations of parenting (local and global) and realized how difficult it is to fulfill all the (unrealistic) expectations of mothering. I knew there had to be a better way.
I took time to reflect on my own children. I saw them, fists full of fire and misunderstanding in their eyes. I was toting them to doctors, therapists, and getting little to no guidance. Their needs were undefined in the medical world… and I was overwhelmed trying to find the support we needed in order to thrive. 

I look at my children and I remember myself as a child, overstimulated easily, intolerant to sensory input, deeply in tune to the emotions of others, influenced dramatically by the world around me...

and I finally put it all together.

I too am a highly sensitive [child], an empath who “feels too much”. My emotions, my feelings, my memories, they shape the way I respond to stress and overwhelm. Every last piece of my story, of my purpose, of my healing, was right in the hands of my child.
There was never going to be a doctor, or a diagnosis, or a specific medical disorder because there is no disease. We are sensation driven beings living in a world not built to meet our needs.
Not only was I the exhausted mom desperately crying out for help, but I was the highly sensitive child seeking out someone to make sense of my highly sensitive nature…. 

I am here, calling you in, asking your awareness.
You are not broken,
Your child is not broken,
You are meant to thrive, to work together.
It is here in the Momtuition and Sensational Kids program, 
you are able to uncover your Mommy Medicine,
to bond as a family, 
and heal an entire generation of trauma, anxiety, stress and more.
YOU are the answer
YOU are the beacon of healing for you and your entire family
YOU are the one who will guide your loved ones into the light
through the infinite joy hiding inside the art of Mothering.
I am Robin and I am the mommy healer.

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When we reach 50 community members, I will offer a FREE class of the groups choice!

We will takeLionness tier live stream to weekly! Each member will be able to do Q&A and receive channeled/ oracle card answers based on the topic of the week!
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