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About The Mongrel Punt

Back in late 2017 we started up The Mongrel Punt. We grew a sizable following in 2018, and in 2019 we are hoping to start funding The Mongrel properly, so we can review more games and create more content throughout the year. It'd also be really nice to pay our regular writers something.

After a horrible experiment with Google-ads, we decided that we want to keep the site ad free. And if we can make this work, we also want to keep the site free for our readers.

So if the site will remain free, what will you get here?

Good question.

You'll get additional articles unique to Patreon. additional articles that are more free-form and niche. The Mongrel will be throwing to you for your opinion. When we need people to survey on matters in footy, you'll be the ones we come to. Every group, team or business has an inner circle of those you trust - this is our invitation to you to join our circle at The Mongrel Punt.

We want our supporters to have the ability to guide our direction and tell us when our ideas are dumb or when we absolutely MUST review a game or follow up a story. we want to give supporters the chance to feed into articles, to guide the way we cover the sport we love, and to be in with us on the ground floor.

We like having a community. We're almost always online chatting footy and keeping tabs on things. But we're going to need more support and creative thinking to keep afloat.

Keep us up and keep us going.

- Brett (HB Meyers) The Mongrel Punt

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