Artemiy Karpinskiy is creating Digital LEGO models

Microfig Tier

$1 /mo
You will get to see WIPs and raws (basic LDD screenshots) of my models before I decide to make them into renders and post elswhere.

Minifig Tier

$3 /mo
You'll get all the benefits of the previous tier, plus you will have a glimpse at unwatermarked low-res pre-renders I do before doing a final render.

Technic Fig Tier

$5 /mo
This tier will have access to all the benefits of previous ones, plus exclusive unwatermarked full-res (192x1080) and high-res (3840×2160 px for example) renders that I will pick specifically for P...

Constraction Fig Tier

$10 /mo
This tier includes all the benefits of the previous one, plus I will make a model of your choice to honor your contribution!