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All new patrons will receive a limited-edition copy of one of the "practice booklets" which include lyrics and chords charts to one of the original songs co-created at Madison Meadow Music by one of Dr. Zollatti's house bands. Songs from bands such as The Jelly-Filled Donuts, The Radioactive Burritos, Chaos Bear, The Troublemakers, and Broken Physics include such hits as "Pasta!" "We Just Switched Brains!" "Someone Used A Sharpie On My Whiteboard!" "Chocolate Broccoli" "The Land Of Flaming Waffles" and many many more!  :)




    per educational videos, music lessons, songs, theater, games, flashc

    About Dr. Zollatti's Magical Music Compass

    I have been a music teacher and theater coach for over 25 years, and I am now taking all the bits and pieces of lessons I have to teach and creating a carnival of a curriculum that is fun and effective for all ages at any level, from the complete beginner to advanced students. My "Passport to Musicland" is already taking place not only in my lesson studio with my private students and young bands, but as workshops and seminars in the form of everything from Outdoor Wilderness Music Adventures in the backcountry of Montana to spontaneous guerilla theater presentations of downtown Eugene, Oregon, with serious plans to take this around the world.

    With the philosophy of "Always a student, immediately a teacher..." this phantasmagoria of fun-based and game-oriented music education is delivered with the help of my top students, some of whom have already launched their own music teaching career while still in high school. We're just getting started, and there's a lot more fun on the horizon. We'd love for you to join us for the ride!
    $9 of $10,000 per educational videos, music lessons, songs, theater, games, flashc
    We plan to take our troupe of youth performers and music coaches to China for a Children's Cultural Exchange. Dr. Zollatti is already able to present his groundbreaking Introduction to Music in Mandarin (as well as French, Italian, and Spanish), and with your help we make this happen soon! Thanks so much for your support!
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