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This is the physical plane  or material plane, the 7th plane of existence. You're aware we are all beings of matter forged in the heart of a far away star. We are all made of stars. You are here to support Ra. All members of this tier are now members of themysticalspiral.com   and get inside and first access to Ra's current research and radio shows and access to some live psychic readings. One email reading after 6 months subscription.

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This is the Elemental plane, the plane of forces. This is the sixth plane of existence and  sixth tier. You are here to support and contribute to the work of Ra Castaldo and you are here because  you're aware we are spinning in a revolution of the  macrospiral and everything with an essence exists inside this spiral of life.   All members in this tier will get inside access to the NOW EXCLUSIVE DRIVE-TIME SHAMAN VIDEOS!!!..they will no longer be on youtube available to public. Access to all live chats and one monthly Zoom chat. After @ least 2 months sub you get an email reading from Ra . ** note** long time subs will receive amulet or crystals. 

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This is the Astral plane,  the 5th plane of existence or 5th tier. This is an etheric realm , which contains the formed thoughts of the collective consciousness. All benefits of previous tiers, weekly/monthly Zoom chats, and after 2 months sub receive  15 min. live  one on one oracle reading, after 5 months one hour reading! Great value!!



About Ra Castaldo

This Patreon has been created for those interested in Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Cults, Mystery Schools, Religion, Sacred Sites/ Artifacts, Megalithic secrets, Live psychic/ remote viewings, Paranormal activity, Prophecy, and so much more!!! Created by Author, radio host, musician and mystic Ra Castaldo,  who specializes in the Ancient Occult Shamanic History of Italy and the Etruscan Culture. Ra has also designed this platform to teach each patron how to become their own shaman,healer and how to unlock their ancestral memory, dormant DNA and true abilties. So lets take a journey down this Mystical Spiral of life together! Spiral out!!!
More about the creator of this Patreon:

RA Castaldo , is a creative soul and born artist . He writes his own music , hosts and produces his own radio shows, a published poet/author, and  a lifelong martial artist and coach. Ra is a hereditary Dream seer , and his family line has been called the Benandanti or "good walkers". He does oracle psychic readings, dream interpretation and helps others activate their dormant DNA and true abilities.  He also has a wide variety of healing tools like crystals,tensor rings,and amulets  available on his website.  Ra can also be considered an expert on Etruscan occult history. Raised in the old ways as a hereditary strega and shaman, his lineage has been protecting ancient secrets regarding the sacred Lake Nemi and various other sacred sites in Italy for thousands of years. He is a gifted intuitive ,and has been communicating with other planes of existence since his near death experience at the age of 9 . Since this awakening in 1987, Ra, has reactivated dormant particles inside his DNA and has found access to our planet's holographic library or akashic records. Since birth he has been hunted down for his abilities and family genetics/bloodline and is ready to discuss his paranormal journey and the secrets his lineage have been protecting. Join Ra every  Saturday at 7 to 9 pm est on his show Eye of Ra  on the Truth Frequency Radio Network as he brings us down the mystical spiral of life. Ra's website is themysticalspiral.com and his youtube is exploring the ka with host Ra Castaldo.


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To dedicate more time helping humanity remember who they are ! i want to be able to be a full time author,psychic, radio host and platform for all who are interested in uncovering the TRUTH. . .I may not have all the answers, but I'm not afraid of finding the answers. Let's awaken from this amnesia together and join in the discovery of who we really are!! Love Ra 
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