The New Generation - a documentary movie

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About The New Generation - a documentary movie

Who are the New Generation, and what is their main purpose on Earth? How can we make sure that we leave this planet in the hands of the New Generation in the most beautiful way? Why do we need to bring education to a higher level of consciousness, for understanding the New Generation’s talents, mission and purpose for New Earth?

The movie will investigate mainly 4 topics in 4 countries. These are; Intuition, ADHD/ADD (medication in education), talents (inner motivation,vs. external motivation), and life’s purpose; how can we support children towards purpose in education? Are we already supporting them enough?
These children (and their families & education) are in these countries; the US, Canada, Australia and in Norway.

The children and youth in the movie will be the lead characters. I will follow some children over time, and some will be interviewed about their stories of life and education. The youth will be heard in the movie. The children/youth will be the lead part of the movie, also teachers and family will be part of supporting their story. Some additional research and researchers will also be highlighted.

Will you join me?  I am open for co-creation & your support :)
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