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First of all - thanks

For 1$ a month, you will gain access to Discount Codes for future printed books, distributed the month that book goes on sale. 


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Become a YESTERNAUT - The most seasoned of galactic explorers! You've peered into the Event Horizon and glimpsed a New Yesterday!

-Discount Codes for printed books - issued the month that book goes on sale. 

-Have your name and one link (twitter, website, etc, nothing X-rated) appear on a special "Brought to you by" section of the site.

-Monthly Special Features: At least one infographic/bonus comic a month about The New Yesterday. Either behind-the-scenes, or a more in-depth look at an element of the world/lore of the comic. These specials will be web-exclusive on Patreon, but will show up in printed books later on. 

-Monthly Blog Post: Every month I'll make a blog post - keeping fellow Yesternauts in the loop. Blog posts will include lineart for upcoming pages, hints about where the story will go, and the opportunity for Q/A.

-Exclusive access to private Discord channel in the Official TNY Discord Server. Chat, get updates, and see behind-the-scenes images posted nowhere else. 

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About J. Mackenzie Graham

The New Yesterday is a webcomic space opera I've been working on for years. Using a combination of 3D Model-work and hand drawn art, I'm telling the story of a huge galactic civilization, a devastating war, and a small group of fugitives caught in the middle. 

I love telling stories, I love making art, and I want to make sharing this comic my full time job. For that to happen, I'm going to need help from readers like you! 

A long time ago, the comic medium was very different. Artists produced daily or weekly strips that would appear in newspapers. Sometimes, those comics would be telling long, engaging stories over weeks and months, and the artists were paid wages based on the sale of newspapers, syndication, etc. But since the web has come along, and distribution of content has become more free, we've begun to expect all content to be free.

Patreon is a platform perfectly suited to find a middle ground. It allows us to support creators we love in small amounts throughout the year, rather than crowdfunding big, scary projects. Most of that creator's content remains free, but with the help of a small community of patrons, those creators can start to make reasonable wages off their hard work.

If you like the The New Yesterday, think about pledging your support. Every little bit helps me produce more great, ad-free content for everybody to enjoy.

What's in it for you?

Well, besides that warm, squishy, PBS feeling of supporting the arts, donations of 3$ or more give you access to special patrons-only content. Things like Bonus Art, Glimpses behind-the-scenes, Blog Posts about my process, or future directions of the comic. It's important to note that no pages of the comic will be held behind a paywall, but you might see the odd page a few days early, too. 

Crowdfunding can be tricky. Not just in comics, but basically every medium, creators can sometimes get bogged down in providing so many backer rewards, and bonuses to patrons, that the work itself suffers. For me, the focus will always be to create more content, faster, so I have set a series of goals (listed on the left) for us to aim for. Gradually, with added funds, The New Yesterday will be able to update 5 times a month, 6, and so on. My big, outlandish dream for this project would be to be able to quit my day job, and work on TNY all the time, if that happened, I think I'd be able to update nearly once a weekday.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, I've set our first goal at 30$ a month. If we can reach that, I will be able to update five times in four weeks. That seems reasonable, right?

Let's do this!

-J. Mackenzie Graham

$30.83 of $100 per month
1.5 Pages/Week
(6 Pages a Month)

TNY will update once a week, plus a bonus page every second week. 
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