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We all have those favorite things that have a dedicated following but aren't done any justice by newspapers, magazines, cable news channels, and other forms of establishment media. We all have those guilty pleasures that are often misunderstood, taken out of context, and often misquoted. That is why The *Nixed Report's tagline is "Unix and Overlooked Pop Culture."

The old style computer operating system and it's concept lives on in other popular products such as Linux, OS X, Android, iOS and many others. Overlooked Pop Culture is the very thing you have discovered and loved while cringing in agony when others misunderstand without trying to learn more. Anime, video games, pro wrestling, conspiracy theorists, and more! That is what we mean when we talk about Unix and Overlooked Pop Culture.

With the questioning of conventional wisdom, as well as established science, comes conspiracy theories of various varieties. The influence of such things has been felt from 2008 and beyond. Failing institutions have given rise to them and we are now paying dearly. Now more than ever, The *Nixed Report is needed to shed light on these matters.

We're not overly serious though and make fun of ourselves from time to time. Laughter is important after all.

What we provide is an outsider's perspective while showing some cool, wonderful, and weird things. Those who love talking tech gadgets will be more than welcome here. Convention goers, whether it's science fiction, comic book, gaming, anime, etc will definitely like what they see. Those who want to become the media may also enjoy tutorials on how to do just that.

By becoming a patron, you'll get access to the digital magazine for less along with other rewards. Being funded by you as opposed to businesses that may try to force us to change our narrative will allow for more flexibility and better control over the quality of the content that we publish.

Some short term goals include better multimedia equipment and enhanced hosting (cloud, VPS, etc). A dedicated business office with a studio that has a dedicated Internet connection are among some of the long term goals

We also want to be able to review devices, video games, and more.

So if the brief overview of topics sounds appealing to you, please consider becoming one of our patrons today.
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