The Northwest Forager

is creating educational media, wild food works of the Pacific Northwest.

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About The Northwest Forager

There are very few constants in this modern society, yet most people will agree on one thing. We love our home earth. Who isn't inspired by a scarlet sunset, towering trees, or thunderous waves? Who hasn't melted to puppy eyes, stopped to smell the roses or watch a butterfly? Whatever it may be, at some point we'll marvel at nature.

I love this planet. I also love the architecture of ecosystems, enabling life to thrive. When we forage for wild edible plants, we can't help but see our place in the ecosystem. Foraging transforms your perspective from seeing a "weed" as a nuisance to seeing it as a nutritious vegetable. We no longer see our rivers, forest, and meadows as mere stomping grounds, but rather it's where our food grows. That is the real value. The abundantly free, organic and highly nutritious food is just a bonus ;]

Please help me phase into my new chapter of wild food exploration. I have been enthusiastically discovering wild food of the pacific northwest for over 10 years. I have learned so much and have much more to learn. It's a never-ending journey. My goal is to increase my availability to share and teach my experiences. Help me transition from an enthusiastic hobbyist to a dedicated educator. Just as each brick builds a house, every bit of support builds towards my goal.

Thank you so much!

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My goal is to work from home as a full time educator, teaching all things wild food and sustainable living. A very modest salary has been set that will cover all of our most basic bills for each month. Since we already live very frugally, this can be achieved more easily than the average family. When the goal is met, we'll throw a livestream party with everyone invited!
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