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About Amber Domoradzki

Hi, I'm Amber, "The Observant Mom." I've been documenting childhood age-related stages. The stages are the times when children "misbehave" and act wild, get out of control, playfully lie, etc., but are internal growth such that some new amazing skill is on its way. My work is used by thousands, and I am consistently told it helps parents stay patient in the face of this sometimes maddening behavior.  I hope to reach more and more parents and have more work done in this vast field of study, as I think it can have a major impact on how we parent, the kind of people we make, and thus the world we live in.

Donations would help with the maintenance of the website, tracking down website issues and hacks (yup, it happens), as well as the enormous amount of time I put into this research. I have plans for an app, but this is a bit away and is also a significant time and money investment. Most of all, however, your donation to me is a head nod in the way that this work is valuable and you'd like to see it continue. It would be moral support. :) Thank you for your support.