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As the saying goes:  I gave you $10, he gave you $20. You felt he was better because he gave you more when he had $200, and all I had was $10.

Whether you pledge $1 or $100, I'll appreciate you all the same because you're supporting me when you know you don't have to.

- You will earn the the "PATRON" and the "Tipped The Fatty" tag on Discord.


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It's like subscribing to someone on except Amazon gets none of it and it all goes directly to me!

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You realize you just fed me a LUXURIOUS meal(by my standards), right?! The Fatty rejoices!

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About TheLittleFatty

Hi all! It's me, Fatty! The Author of the webnovel "The One Luna."

I'm glad you enjoy my work enough to even go on my Patreon page and for that, I am grateful. However, if you'd like to take it a step further and help me write The One Luna and more novels in the future, FULL TIME then I'm forever grateful. In case you wanted to know more about me, here are some little(heh) facts:

I'm 27 years of age.
I have a son.
We're currently in a Long Distance Relationship for about four years now.
I was born in the Philippines and migrated to the USA in December of 2006.
I used to only write one-shots, and The One Luna is my first ever Webnovel that I've committed to, with an expected length of at least 1,000 chapters.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join the community on Discord:
If you're one of my Patrons, you'll receive an exclusive title as well to show your support.
I can currently only do GOALS as a means for you guys to get more CHAPTERS PER WEEK.

Maybe once we start reaching the goals, I'll start writing more chapters in advance so I can give everybody who pledged some extra chapters. I hope you guys understand. Once we reach the goals so I don't have to do as much overtime at work, I can dedicate that time to writing as well. :)

$9.20 of $250 per month
1 additional chapter per week.
Regular schedule is 7/week currently, which means that reaching this goal will make it 8/week.

Note: Additional chapters will be released on WEEKENDS since those are my days off. This is to avoid further injuring my wrist.

Reaching each goal frees up more and more of my time, which means that reaching the first goal is where I'll start pumping out extra chapters for the people who have Pledged. I just haven't figured out how many I can do, with what time I have, so don't expect any number just yet! :)
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