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Shrimp Soldier (Tier I)

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    • Content for tier III, but on a delay (two weeks);
    • Ask any question (the answer will be a sentence long at maximum) and we’ll reply in a week:
      • Curiosity about any character;
      • Curiosity about the setting.

Minnow Sergeant (TIER II)

per month
    • Content for tier III, but on a delay (a week)
    • [!MONTHLY!] Ask any question (the answer will be thorough) and we’ll reply within a week:
      • Curiosity about any character;
      • Curiosity about the setting.

Crab General (Tier III)

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    • Extra chapters taking place amidst time-skips, alternate viewpoints, etc: exclusive worldbuilding for our paying fans!
    • [!MONTHLY!] Ask any question (the answer will be thorough and even include spoilers) and we’ll reply in a week:
      • Curiosity about any character;
      • Curiosity about the setting.




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About theonionjunktion

All of our works can be read online for free on multiple websites, so even if you do not pledge, you will still have access to our stories! Namely, they are on,, and! You'll be able to find us there easily just by typing theonionjunktion in the search bar.

And if you end up REALLY liking our novels, feel free to pledge for more, better, faster and even bonus releases!

Here's our plans for the future:

[Phase 0: assembling the team and creating the brand]
Pretty self-explanatory. Assembling a team of young, talented, and hard-working companions to establish theonionjunktion. Perhaps the hardest part.
In terms of time, it took a few years. Accomplished as of 15/07/2020. Make or break, we are in this together. The grind starts on 01/08/2020.

[Phase 1: introduction of Tiers I-IV]
This is where we start rolling our snowball and slowly move towards making our passion an actual job. Hopefully, enough people will love our work and sponsor our dreams.
In return, whenever a milestones we set is reached, we'll give every one of our patreons more and more content in return: live Q&As, live writing/planning sessions, glimpses into the life of an author, and more!

[Phase 2: introduction of Tiers V-VII]
By the time phase two comes around, we'll hopefully have enough money and support for us to really start pumping out chapters for our novels.
At this time, some of the money will go towards contracting upcoming artists of all crafts to refine our brand!
In our minds, higher tier pledgers will be able to take part in polls to have their favorite characters, techniques, scenes illustrated by artists, other than choosing what novel of their choice we should focus our extra content on.
And if even that isn't enough, them big spenders will be given our personal contacts and be able to interact with us directly, either as authors and personalities, or as people.

[Phase 3: the Junktion system]
This mysterious endgame can be summed up in one word: crossroads.
It will be like starting all over again. And if we make it, it'll be the start of a brand-new literary structure.
No matter how far away, look forward to it. Your favorite story will be there, after all.

Hi there! I am Patriarch Onion, and I am the founder of theonionjunktion, a team of writers and artists with the objective of creating a brand focused on the production of original novels, imbued with unexplored fantasy themes and exotic ventures.

As of now, writing for prolonged periods of time can trigger a seizure for me, especially without medication, which is why my releases can be erratic at times, for that, I truly apologize.
When our financial situation improves, I personally will be able to afford medication for my tonic-clonic epilepsy and as such write more and more chapters for you guys to eat right up.

I thank all those who are willing to pledge for theonionjunktion on behalf of me and the other members. God bless!
$1.27 of $100 per month
When this goal is reached, we will conduct a Live Q&A on discord for fans of all tiers, which will be posted to the rest of the public after just a few days! If it is successful and everyone enjoyed it, we might even make it a reoccurring event!
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