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Personal Park shopper + Custom Droid
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This is the same as the 25.00 tier Personal park shopper. please read for details.


The custom Droid, we will build a BB8 or R2 unit to your specifications and colors. 

Cost for a custom droid is 150.00

· Pick the droid body-color

· Head and color

· Legs –R2 only

· Add ons color– provided trim

· For an additional fee of 25.00, we will film the build and dedication to the person receiving the item. Have a birthday coming up for someone special?

*We will require several options for the droid as sometimes the different parts are not available so a substitution will be required.

*We recommend getting insurance with the shipping to make sure the item arrives safely, we are not responsible for damages to items when shipped, please protect your investment.

There are no returns




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About The Orlando Wizard

When you first get to a new location, you ask a local whats there to do, or better yet, you ask an expert who knows the best-kept secrets and how to best make use of your money and time!

On Patreon we'd like to give back to our donors with access to our exclusive Facebook group "The Orlando Wizard VIP".

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Become a monthly donor and gain access to our exclusive facebook group "The Orlando Wizard VIP". Here you'll find the very best secret tips and tricks at the parks & resorts.
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