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is creating beefy 3d men

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I post an exclusive artwork where you can choose details like clothes, attitude and poses from my existing characters

for instance : you want to see Ganbold wearing  orange jockstraps and harnesses ? or maybe a chanel suit with high heels while he kiss Raphaël ? this tier is for you :)
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Welcome to my Patreon 
if you're here you might have known me as Klahamano or Agonistes on tumblr and instagram. First of all thank you for joining my new commmunity.

Theory of horns gather all my NSFW work including various technics. Graphic design, Traditional technics and of course 3D modeling. 

the first step of this adventure is to gather all the followers who supported me over the years through many platforms. I'll start with a simple unique formule where for the same price you can have access to my high resolution 3d rendering. When the community would be large enough It will allow me to upgrade my equipment to offer more content like animation or (why not) 3D printed characters.

As some of you already know everything started 7 years ago with a 3D printed minotaur I posted on tumblr, following various sexy and beefy characters. the tumblr era helped me grow and refine my work.

My universe usually speaks for itself but I would be more than happy to discuss with you about it. This is a safe place and I always thought that sexual fantasies can not really be judged. Your mind is the only place left to be yourself so consider this Patreon as a community were your fantasies and imagination can be expressed.

As you know, the old tumblr is gone, and instagram doesnt allow NSFW content. Although I think it's time for me to build up my own space and I'm very excited to see what the Patreon Experience is going to be :). I love to meet new people and I'm glad we could all gather around here.


All works you will find on this page is adult content (18+).
You are not allowed to view this content if you are not of legal age.

My work depicts 18+ Characters in situtations that are always consensual.
Every situation is intended as a role play, so
don't try this at home!
Every piece is under copyright so please enjoy but don't share without my permission.
This source of income allows me to pay my softwares, so please treat me and our community with respect :).
Thank you for your time and support!

$35.75 of $75 per month
this first goal is to reach 75 usd which allows me to pay one of my 3d softwares :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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