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Walking downtown you come across a person hosting a conversation about critical theory on a street corner. You think, wow, this is interesting, so you throw a dollar in the hat and pull up a seat in the circle. 

Welcome to the conversation. 

At least once per month there will be a live discussion and you're invited to that, as well as any special book related conversations. Most conversations will be had by Google Hangouts. 

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You care about helping this lowly pleeb because you think the work they do is important, for some reason. So you say, "Hey, here's $5. Get yourself a coffee." You feel good inside because you know small donations like this are the bread and butter that give @theorypleeb a foothold in the world! 

You will now get a special shout out on the video credits + the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time for the text-focused patreon Q&As. These questions may guide the study and produce new insights into the texts or ideas being unpacked! Good work! 

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You discover that theory pleeb rarely eats a hearty warm meal. They tend to prioritize their monthly subscription fees for things such as the Adobe Suite, phone bill, podcast hosting, etc. So you say, "Look, seriously, have a warm meal on me this month." 

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About @theorypleeb

***New Patreon Tiers and info coming soon***
Hello Everyone. I've been deplatformed from YouTube. More on that here.

I am still working on video essays, but more of my energy is going towards getting back my YouTube channel. For now, there is a temporary YouTube featuring some of my old content, as well as some of my new. My new content is mostly coming out of Twitch, where I have a daily LIVE show: https://www.twitch.tv/copypastaagitprop

---Everything below this line is from my old Patreon... it's all still relevant, and pertains to the new and upcoming vision, but it's definitely dated and incomplete---

The purpose of this Patreon is to give me a foothold of timenergy and attention to invest towards the production of videos, podcasts, and blog posts. If you like the work I do, please consider making a small monthly donation!

Have you ever wanted to engage texts such as Plato's Republic or Judith Butler's Gender Trouble, but you didn't want to do it alone, or signing up for a college courses would have cost way too much? If that's just not feasible right now, study with me instead. All of the selections below are books I would love to read and discuss with you. Don't have time for books? No worries, I'll unpack key concepts from some of the most important books ever written in monthly videos. Video production is a lot of work though, so my #1 goal is to raise enough here to free me up from having to work elsewhere, so I can focus on this work. 

I believe books, conversations, and concepts can liberate from ideology and help critique and outgrow corrupting systems and institutions of power. 

Desperate times call for risky endeavors. To keep my costs minimal I built a tiny house over the summer and am currently living very simply so that I can pursue this career. That means your patronage goes further with me than it might someone else. ;) 

It would literally take as low as $1,000 a month for me to NOT have to work on anything besides the organizing, study, and tutoring that I'm doing. Help fight the anti-intellectual tide in this country and raise consciousness around the most pressing issues!

Help me help myself by helping others learn and grow. 

What follows is a list of texts you could choose from to read with me with tutoring benefits. 
Not a comprehensive list.
I am not an expert on most of these texts, though some I have read multiple times, lead discussion groups for, etc. My goal is not to be a know-it-all for these texts, but to be more like a tour guide. I have strategies and different formats we can implement for approaching different texts. 

[Over time I will add Goodreads reviews or engaging video reviews of the following texts #goals]

Completely new to philosophy and theory/Some generally good lite reading
Sophie's World, Jostein Gaardner 
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig
All Things Shining, Hubert Dreyfus
Alone Together, Sherry Turkle
Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle
Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Technopoly, Neil Postman
Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, Mark Manson
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown
Mastery, Robert Green
Strategy: A History, Lawrence Freedman
Rules for Radicals, Saul D. Alinsky
The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard
Capitalist Realism, Mark Fisher
The True Life, Alain Badiou
Four Futures, Peter Frase
Kill All Normies, Angela Nagle
Lacan: A Beginner's Guide, Lionel Bailly
Reading Lacan, Slavoj Zizek
Capitalism: A conversation, Nancy Fraser and Rahel Jaeggi
Scales of Justice, Nancy Fraser (see the #BookTrailer video I did for this here)
Existentialism Is A Humanism, Jean Paul Sartre
Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism, David Harvey
A Brief History of Neoliberalism, David Harvey
DEBT: The First 5,000 Years, David Graeber
Xenofeminist Manifesto
Plato's Republic
Aristotle's Politics
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
The Prince,
Basic Writings of Nietzsche
Notes Toward A Performative Theory of Assembly, Judith Butler
The Human Condition, Hannah Arendt
The Lacanian Subject, Jacques Lacan
Black Skin, White Masks, Franz Fanon
Wretched of the Earth, Franz Fanon
History of Sexuality Vol. 1, Michel Foucault
The Consumer Society, Jean Baudrillard
Capital Volume 1, Karl Marx
Gender Trouble, Judith Butler (see my #BookTrailer video here)
Homo Sacer, Georgio Agamben
Empire, Hardt and Negri
Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Zizek
Basic Writings, Martin Heidegger
Being and Nothingness,
Jean Paul Sartre
Phenomenology of Perception, Marice Merleau-Ponty
Of Grammatology, Jacques Derrida
Totality and Infinity
, Emmanuel Levinas
Being and Time, Martin Heidegger
Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel
Difference and Repetition, Gilles Deleuze

Some books I will be reading in 2019 (not exhaustive, and subject to change)
- Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari (lil book trailer here)
- The Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Zizek
- Totality & Infinity, Emmanuel Levinas
- Theory of the Subject, Alain Badiou
- The Life of the Mind, Hannah Arendt
Seminars 11 and 17 by Jacques Lacan
- Critical Race Theory: Key Writings, by Kimberle Crenshaw and Neil Gotanda
- Das Kapital, by Karl Marx
Intermediate: - Notes Toward A Performative Theory of Assembly, Judith Butler
- Capitalism, A Conversation, Nancy Fraser and Rahel Jaeggi
- Custom Reality and You, Peter Coffin
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My goal for the first year is $1,000 per month. With that basic steady income I can focus on tutoring and video production.
Help me reach my 1/4 benchmark! Once this is achieved I will release a special video,.

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