theo_the_ape is creating Minecraft Maps, Resource Packs & Videos

$1 /mo
Your name will be put at the end of one of my videos, you'll also get exclusive access to some of my streams and hangouts.

$3 /mo
You'll get a special exclusive patron sticker

$5 /mo
You'll get your name mentioned at the end of one of my videos and an exclusive patron sticker.
Once I hit $50/mo you'll get exclusive access to my server! Your name will go into the credits for ...

$10 /mo
You'll get the above and access to an exclusive "How to: Map Making" course, which I will expand over time; this will eventually include resources like schematics which patrons will have exclusive ...

$15 /mo
Woah! Slow Down. Well... okay if you insist. I'll give you an hour of my time and tutor you one-to-one in some map making. You'll also get to provide direct input on what I should build next.