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Helpers always get thanks! Every month I'll shout out all of my lovely Patrons on Twitter and you get to be part of that list!


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You're the backbone of everything I do here. For $3/month, you get the small games I write, as they come out. You also get behind-the-scenes notes, scraps of games and ideas that might inspire you, and fiction from time to time!

Thank you!
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At this level, you get the podcast content: bonus episodes, patrons-only episodes, and other surprises as I'm able to make them. You also get early access to any drawings or sketches I do!
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About Tracy Barnett

Hi, my name's Tracy

I'm a non-binary (they/them) and queer. I make tabletop RPGs, produce and edit podcasts (actual play and worldbuilding), streams games, and I do graphic design. This Patreon helps support those efforts! It helps me live, honestly, and I look towards the proposition of becoming a parent, this Patreon will become even more important.

First things first though:

Here's What You Get Out of It

This Patreon has different tiers for different types of content. At each level you get something cool from me.

$1/month - My Thanks
Every month I'll do a shout-out on Twitter of all of the amazing people who choose to support me here. 

$3/month - Players
Here, you get small games as I make them (close to monthly). These are titles such as You Are the Dungeon or One Day, the Wellerman Comes. They will be games in PDF format, with all of the writing and layout done by yours truly. You also get access to the scraps of stuff I've worked on, but never finished. Ideas, sketches of games, bits of fiction, etc.

$3/month - Waveforms
At this level, you're helping directly support my podcasting efforts. My current project is called Fifteen Minutes of Fave.
Every week, I interview someone for 15 minutes about whatever their favorite thing is! At this level, you get a bonus episode of this show every week. These bonuses are sometimes a lot more than fifteen minutes, so there's a lot for you to enjoy! You also get early access to any drawings and sketches I do.

$6/month - Combo Deal
Ah, I see you. You want it all. At this level you get the combined benefits of the Players and the Waveforms. You get the small games, the podcast content, and, above all, my deepest thanks.

$10/month - Sights, Sounds, Games, and Words
This is the whole thing. The games, the podcast content, the notes, the drawings, all of it.  I'll be adding more to this level as I can think up what to add.

Why Should I Support This?

Because you like helping someone make cool games and put them out into the world. The money made here helps support me in my day-to-day life. The more that comes in, the more time I'll have available to devote to all of my projects, large and small.

The ultimate goal of this Patreon is to help me to work for myself. This is my dream, and the revenue from this Patreon is one piece of getting to that point.

In other words, your support means a lot!

What Kinds of Games Will I Get?

So many different kinds! They're often silly, sometimes serious, and will all feature easy mechanics and story-forward presentation. My goal is to keep all of them short (10 pages or less), and be easy to pick up and play for a session or two without issue.

I'm always going to try and make them interesting an fun to play.

You Mentioned Streaming?

Sure did! As I have time, I stream video games, writing, and TTRPG game prep over on my Twitch page: I'm still working to figure out how often I can do that and what y'all should get because of it, so this bit is very much a work in progress.

That's Me — Now It's Your Turn

If you were moved to support me in any of these efforts, click on the "Become a Patron" button and join the other awesome people who've decided to help me put my work into the world. And do so with my most heartfelt thanks.
$91.10 of $150 per month
There's something new coming for Iron Edda, and if we can get to $150/month, I'll share all of my notes with you and you alone.
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