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About TheOutThereChannel

Thank you! My Fans and Followers,

ATTENTION! First, I MUST say please do NOT donate cash to me if you are struggling
week to week. Keep the odd dollar for yourself or family. If you donate and circumstances
changes.. I wont be upset if you CANCEL or reduce to the minimum $1 per month
payment. You can support me in other ways. I have other income for now
not much..enough to live and slowly save for new gear..... much love Paul.....

I joined Patreon, as a way for you to fund my creativity and gain access to my non Public videos and also the fact we cant trust YouTube to be fair on paying out on ADs or last forever with advertisers pulling out. Google pays roughly $1 per 1000 views but sadly with Ad blocker that is reduced a heap.. from 50-60 percent if people dont white list. Also google may not allow ads or host many ad's either. It has changed this year with Fake News issues.


I have posted a little about me in a post.. but will also add here on the header

Im now in my 50ties. I grew up when home computers only just appeared and had a massive 16kb of memory and there wasnt anything like internet about. I begged my parents for $100 to buy a ZX 81 my very first computer and from there I was experimenting with computer speech and AI (see my Live Stream 281 I demo my AI and MUSIC maker).. I had my first program to understand humans typing in English sentences to a Apple ][... it would learn what you told it.. even if it was lies and you could ask it to give your a quiz of its knowledge. Like you could tell it a Dog has 4 legs.. and later ask for a Quiz and it would ask how many legs does a dog have.however I was 18 years old at the time and life catches up and youre forced to go and work for a living and stop being creative and perhaps make things that could of changed the world for the better.
(UPDATE: see my Live Stream #33 I show my program in a emulator although its
the non apple version and not as good)
So now I just create my Ideas and seek the TRUTH via video creation and documentaries.
I have studied after I quit my first job running large mainframe computers
worth millions of dollars processing shipping and payroll and printing cheques/checks off for the workers during grave yard shifts.
I have my skills and forever learning.. it never ends in the tech field, I have my flaws... Im not the greatest writer, I struggle but as a kid my parents
moved around the world with work and so I had to adapt and pick up
different languages (which I have lost now sadly).
I studied Computer Science and have gained a couple of Degrees in the process which is gaining a skill in learning how to research and process data.
I had many jobs/roles/contracts in computer field earning good money but ran in to work place bullies (known as psychopathy's) and lost a $40/hr job and since had health problems and so I live below the poverty line now and was almost out on the street, but I know what its like to have just enough money for 1 meal a day. Now I live with gov help and family help and have nothing to my name except this computer to create!, and enough to live.. but Im a happy fellow dont get me wrong I enjoy the simple things in life like the sun on my face.
I hope you can join me on my adventures and we can find DISCLOSURE of Alien Life and UFOs before we move on to the next level (known as death)
or Life of energy.. become part of the universes.....
$0 of $500 per month
OK  New Laptop Goal Achieved thanks for a supporter who posted me one, but it still has some issues
and may need to look at better still in future. I like to also get a sky watching camera setup and may need to improve bandwidth.. there are on going wear and tear and costs and licenses.
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