Jeff Wood (The Overhead Wire) is creating a Weekly Podcast

The Bentonville

$1 /mo
The Bentonville - You wanted to go to an Urban Target, but You Settled for a Greenfield Walmart
This is equivalent to 25 cents per podcast.

Our everlasting thanks for ...

The Twin Cities

$2 /mo
The Twin Cities - Share your Tax Base Increment
50 cents per podcast

Same as above but we'll toss in an Overhead Wire sticker featuring our lovable logo

The Paris

$5 /mo
The Paris - Your Buildings Only Go So High
$1.25 per podcast

Weekly podcast and a sticker featuring our lovable logo

The Dallas

$10 /mo
The Dallas - You Fight Freeways With Employment Data
$2.50 per podcast

Same as above and a tweet from @theoverheadwire to your website or link of your choice  (We have over 200K followers!)

The Ne

$50 /mo
The Ne - A Small Village in Italy that Has Strong Family Ties

Guest Host the Talking Headways Podcast with Jeff for an episode or a month long sponsorship slot on The Dire...