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About Theo Versus The World

Greetings, True believers! Welcome to my Patreon!

My channel is about telling a story. It's the story of an ordinary slacker raising above their own self worth to make something even greater, a hero. My channel chronicles this character living out his hobbies and finding himself in peculiar situations while on a journey to become a hero. Content ranges from gaming, reviews, vlogs to a weekly sci-fi adventure web series.

Before I became a content creator, I always dreamed of becoming one. I had all these ideas and imaginative stories that I wanted to tell but I didn't have the platform, courage or know how to do so. My dream reflects the story I try to tell through my channel, that ordinary people can rise up to achieve extraordinary things. I ultimately want to be able to tell my stories and vision with the utmost effort and production. To make this dream literally my job. 

There are a lot of things that I'd like to accomplish and in a relative order. The first goal is to be able to hire two important parts of a crew: an editor and someone to help me schedule. One of my greatest hurdles is having so many ideas that I end up executing only one or two of them. I would like to one day hire someone who helps me organize these kind of things so that the channel accomplishes as much as possible. An editor would also be amazing because I'm going to be honest, I self taught myself how to edit and between working on the channel, having a full time job, being a full time husband and dad, it can be rough putting together content in the way I want to visually present it the most. So hopefully one day I can hire an amazing editor to help carry the burden. After these two core members, is the production staff. Folks that help with filming the web series and contributing ideas for how things could be filmed. 

After assembling a crew, the next goal would be to become a full time content creator in a financially sensible way. I tend to think of this as the main goal of my Patreon. Achieving the dream. Leaving the desk job behind for the real dream job. The most important goal is always keep improving upon my content and craft.

There are two stretch goals, things that I would like to accomplish to add to the channel. They are as follows : purchase a real DeLoreon and have it customized to that similarly of the one featured in Back to the Future. This would be for it to be featured in the web series. Purchase a studio space so that reviews and segments are in a professional and sound controlled environment. More support means more production.

As a patron, not only are you helping me on this journey, you're joining me on it. With the reward system established, I try my best to thank you for all the help that you give to me. It's the least I could do to show my appreciation. No matter how big or small a pledge is, you will always have my eternal gratitude. 

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Hopefully at this tier I will be able to hire an editor on a monthly basis to help lighten the load. This helps me free up time to be more creative as well as improve the show/content overall. 
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