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Gaaang Gaaaang. Thanks for popping by the THIS PAST WEEKEND Patreon page. The goal of our Patreon is to find unique and entertaining ways to support others. In the first year of our Patreon (2017) the funds went to purchase cameras, audio equipment (we had to support ourselves first) and even to cover some studio rent. In the second year (2018) we started Single Mom’s Night Out, where in tour cities we treat a single mother and her guest, to a night out on the town; including a pre-show hang doing something fun, paying for sitter, provide transportation to and from, and tickets to the show. During a follow up we often try to share a financial award with the mothers to help out a little. As a child I wish someone would have taken my mother out for a nice evening of laughter, or a nice afternoon of go-karting; so it is nice that we have the opportunity now to do that for other Moms.

In the third year of our Patreon (2019) we created a game show called GET THAT CASH; where we hide money in our hotel room for the cleaning lady/man (usually lady) to find. The more answers the cleaning woman gets to a series of questions, the more time they will have to search for hidden cash in the room. We know its just $$$, but it also breaks the monotony of cleaning rooms and lets them know that they are being thought of. Often times we don’t realize that people care, even when they do; That is the message. The cash is just a bonus.

While SINGLE MOM’s NIGHT OUT and GET THAT CASH will continue, there are bigger long term ideas/goals that we feel starting to take shape.

Some of those goals are:

To help single moms out financially around the holidays
To help provide grants to get single moms back to school
To help Spanish speaking mothers have easier access to learn English
And our long term goal… to start a non profit arm that helps to build 12 step meeting rooms in different cities/towns across the country. With many Americans struggling with addiction, or having family members struggling with addiction; we feel as though this is a helping something that is bigger than ourselves. To think that laughter and fundraising could combine to provide environments for people to get well really feels cool. I mean WOW af.

You may have noticed throughout this statement that the word “we” is mentioned. That’s bc I personally want to say that while I am sometimes the face of what goes on here, I entirely feel like a member of a team. So many cities and clubs ive performed in and the owners and wait staff will say “Wow Theo, the people that come to your shows are truly the nicest group of people we have come out all year.” No joke. Its happened so many times, that now I realize im just a small part of something multi-special. I hope to one day be able to personally thank all of you who support TPW. We are a neat group. We are doing our best. We dont always know what we are doing, but we are going to keep doing it til we do.  Onward.

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-Behind the Scenes: Patreon Only- Meeting Hamps, Worlds Smallest Horse, Skydiving, Mitzi Shore Memorial, etc. 

-Monthly Patreon Only Episode (Video and Audio)- At LEAST one episode a month that is Patreon Only.  Usually a Thursday Episode. Sometimes its only thirty or forty minutes but so what?! 

-Merch Purch Videos- know exactly what the Patreon support is going towards  -Occasional Other Clips (could be comedy, could be a funeral, could be anything) 

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When we reach this goal we will be able to do more get that cash episodes for our fellow hardworking hitters. We also will be able to do special episodes where we fly in a guest (Chris Hansen for example) and give you guys exclusive behind the scenes content.
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