TheOwlCast is creating INTERNATIONAL LIVE CONTENT/Japanese gaming convention coverage

$5 /mo
I will personally thank you on stream and hootTouch your butt!
$5.00 and up gives you otherwise Twitch Sub only mumble access

$10 /mo
You will get your own personal sound under the !sfx of your own choice. This will allow people to play the sound you chose by entering a command in Twitch chat. (within reason; meaning, appropriate...

$20 /mo
You will get your own !command in TheOwlCasts Twitch chat of your choice! (within reason; meaning, appropriateness and length)

$40 /mo
Request any game for owl to review and play!
Every request will take priority over any other game being played.
Games will be played in order of request.

$100 /mo
I will send you a random gaming related item from Japan each month.
This offer is limited!

$200 /mo
I will send you a requested item (within reason) from Japan each month. What item will have to be agreed by both parties.

(Be advised that some items are against customs and therefor...

$500 /mo
I will create an emote on my twitch stream resembling you or a requested emote of your choice!