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About The Pause Pursuit

Welcome to what is really not only our journey but what we hope will become yours as well. Through sowing financially, and prayerfully, God can continue to use us in ways He's called us to by partnering with you.

While there is no way we could (or would in anyway WANT to) do this without Him, we really can't do it without you either! In a day and age where busyness and hustle are glorified, The Pause Pursuit encourages couples and families to pursue a spirit of pause to hear God's voice; a safe place where purpose and pursuit are esteemed over perfection. Won't you join us?

Your donation of any amount allows couples and families to be impacted through this ministry, as you'll be a part of planting a seed in a place where marriages are restored, families are strengthened, and communities and nations are changed through the power and pursuit of Jesus Christ working through us.

Will you please consider partnering with us on this journey as we all walk together through what it means to pause the chaos of life and focus our marriages and families on God.

Thanks so much!
Matt & Dayna Mager
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