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As thanks for encouraging me to swing that bat I'll grant you access to The Pedantic Romantic Retrospective series.  I'll do a short write-up of my thoughts on each of my videos looking back on them, interesting production stories, regrets, any little tidbits about them that have crossed my mind.  (includes a tier-specific discord role, plus previous reward tier)

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I was a pretty good student so I'd gone off to college like all good bois do, and it was there, the college paper specifically, that I began writing about anime.  Having consumed so much analysis of anime so ravenously (to the point of being a name a number of anime Youtubers would notice due to my presence in their comments) helped me get off to a fast start, and I started making videos during the summer break after my first year, where I was faced with a decision: Do I go back to college and go into more debt in order to get a degree that I don't want to be using?  You see by this point the creative satisfaction I was deriving from making these videos was so great that I'd already determined that I too wanted to do what some of my favorite creators had done and make this a career.  

I'm happy to say that creating videos has become my life.  I'm often up into the early a.m.'s typing out scripts that I can't get to sleep without finishing, and it's been wonderful.  The great response from those who have already becomes fans of my work, and the positive feedback from creators I loved who have checked out and in some cases seen fit to shout out my work has inspired a lot of confidence in me.  I've devoted myself to reaching a point where I'll be secure in my ability to do this from here on out, which is where you come in.  It is only through people's appreciation of my work, and their determination that it is something whose existence is worth contributing to, that I can pursue this passion. 

I already feel such an immense level of gratitude for what this platform has enabled me to achieve so far, and if fueling some of my blazing otaku spirit yourself interests you then please consider joining those who have been doing so.  Whether you'll be supporting me, or just humored me by taking a look at my rambling here, thank you.

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Once I'm making this much a month, I'll be able to securely afford my living expenses without the part-time script-writing work I do for others, and can thus increase my output as I focus on making content full-time.
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