The Pedantic Romantic is creating Youtube Anime Analysis


$1 /mo
For inspiring me to plant my feet, cross my arms, and stare up into the heavens you get the knowledge that you're helping to make the critical landscape of Youtube just that little bit better, alon...

Haruko Haruhara-tier

$5 /mo
As thanks for encouraging me to swing that bat I'll grant you access to The Pedantic Romantic Retrospective series.  I'll do a short write-up of my thoughts on each of my videos looking back on the...


$10 /mo
Thanks for being the Simon to the creations of mine that have a...rather select appeal.  At this tier you'll get access to my Waifu Quest posts, where I'll detail the new dishes I'm trying out each...

Kamina-tier (aka "You sensing a Gainax theme yet?-tier)

$15 /mo
I'll believe in the you that believes in me, and you'll be featured at the end of my videos with a verbal shoutout honoring you for being an inpiration to us all.  (includes previous reward tiers)