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About The Penumbra Podcast

The Penumbra Podcast is your new favorite genre-bending audio drama about noir mystery on Mars, knights in love with monsters, ancient alien conspiracies, and other tales of lovable knuckleheads trying to save the world and making a big ol’ mess.

Well, maybe it’s not that new a favorite. We’ve been posting episodes since 2016, and in that time Patreon has allowed us to expand from a ramshackle operation in a very noisy dining room to a cast of dozens of dedicated actors, creators, and support staff all working tirelessly to bring you the most exciting, heartfelt, hilarious, and honest stories we possibly can.

We’re honored that you’re considering donating to our Patreon. We could not continue making this podcast without your support. So let’s talk about where your money will actually go!

Paying our artists is the right thing to do

It was our goal from the moment we made our Patreon to pay our artists and actors for their work, and we’re so happy that we’ve been able to do just that since 2016. We pay our actors a competitive hourly rate for their time, we pay a recording studio and a sound engineer, we pay musicians, designers, writers, and directors for their time and energy because their work is valuable.

Money buys the time and security to make awesome art

… and time and security help us create better art, because we can be thinking about just how many eyeballs our next fantasy-monster is going to have instead of, y’know. Starving to death.

But seriously: Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert, the creators of this show, now rely on it financially. Episode production and sound design are now Sophie’s full time job; writing these scripts is Kevin’s part time job. We are so incredibly grateful to have received the support necessary to make this possible… and it puts us in kind of a scary position, because pledges come and pledges go, and we will have bills to pay either way.

It isn’t just Sophie and Kevin, either. As our fans show interest in cool new things we could be doing, we’ve been hiring people to make those cool things possible. From people in charge of live shows to merchandise to extremely-secret-projects, more and more of our staff rely on the health of our Patreon to keep doing all the cool things they’re doing. And to live. That’s big too.

So if you want us to do more cool things? More live shows, more livestreams, more projects, maybe even more stories? Pledging to us and helping us buy that time and security are how you can help.

Sounds great, but what do I get out of it?

You can read about our rewards in more detail under the pledge tiers on this page, but here are just a few examples of what we have on offer:

  • Access to new episodes two days before release
  • Production scripts with insight on the episode’s original intent (and dumb jokes for the actors and editors)
  • Commentaries that might give you insight on the episode but will probably just be your favorite actors and creators getting silly
  • Documents from inside the worlds of our two main series, Juno Steel and the Second Citadel (including wiki pages for cartoons that don’t exist, bestiary entries about a vulture that blows itself up, and emails from a crime boss to his loving family who will kill him very soon)

You say you charge “per episode”; what does that mean?

During a season, the Penumbra Podcast posts an episode around every two weeks, and we avoid posting more than two episodes in a month where possible. Charges are incurred on the episode’s official release date (which is the Tuesday of a new-episode week).

Although some of our episodes break this pattern — like holiday specials and Q&As — we take your money extremely seriously, and promise that you will never receive an additional charge or a charge on an unexpected day without several weeks of notice beforehand.

Thank you

When we started the Penumbra Podcast, we never imagined it could grow into something so big that means so much to so many people… and honestly, sometimes we still can’t believe it. We are in awe of your support, and that awe and gratitude have never gone away. We will always do our best to make sure it never does. Whatever you can give will only help us become bigger, better, and weirder than ever before.

Thank you so much for considering our Patreon, traveler — and we hope to see you at the Penumbra again soon.

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Hey, thanks!
We appreciate you jumping on board, and we want to thank you -- over and over and over again! You'll receive a thank-you on our website which will be linked to in each episode's show notes for as long as you support at this level.
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Can't wait another second for our next adventure? At this level you could receive each episode 2 days early -- on Sunday instead of Tuesday. Whoa! Plus: our thank-you in the shownotes.
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Read our scripts!
Ever wonder what the actors get to see? At this level you'll be sent a .pdf of each episode's script on the day that episode airs, including lines that were cut, stage directions, and the ridiculous notes Kevin and Sophie write to keep the actors on their toes. We get up to some nonsense, let me tell you.
(Please note that these are working scripts and not transcripts, and as a result they are not accurate to the actual episodes and therefore not a suitable support for our fans with hearing and processing disabilities. Where available, transcripts are available in each episode's description, and we are working on making the rest.)
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The FULL Penumbra experience

You'll receive the rewards to all levels below this, as well as commentary recordings released after each episode, in which some of our creative team and/or our actors goof around about the process behind making the episode.

PLUS! Access to behind-the-scenes exclusives, like lost episodes, unused scripts, audition tapes, and more!

Pledge $30 or more per episode
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The Conductor's gratitude

Want to be immortalized in an episode of The Penumbra Podcast? The Conductor will personally thank you BY NAME at the end of each episode! 

$6,000 – reached! per episode
Our production just keeps getting bigger and better! We've been able to start up with a merch operation, live shows, and so much more, and it's all because of you. Next we're looking to:
- Hire a recording engineer to help make our recording setup better than ever.
- Learn from our live show operation and potentially expand on it.
- Inch closer and closer to paying our actors, creative crew, and management crew for all the many, many, many hours they put into this.
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