The People Of Skyrim Complete - A World Overhaul Mod is creating ... Become part of Skyrim & future Elder Scroll mods.

Be Apart Of Skyrim History.

$2 /mo
Add your name ( of choice ) to Skyrim LE SSE XB1 be apart of history. Your name will be recognized in a book listing named donators in Skyrim inns and other locations.

Who Wants To Live forever?

$20 /mo
Have an NPC with your chosen name, look, race and abilities walking around Skyrim or placed in taverns and towns...Live forever in one of the greatest games ever developed.

Unquie TPOS Content

$30 /mo
Individuals who donate to this reward will receive unique mods which will not be released to the general public. 
You must not share the mods on any other platform. They are for you alone as pa...

1 Patch Just For You

$75 /mo
Have a private exclusive patch made for your favorite mod to work with The People Of Skyrim. Some patches I cannot make as I do not know how to script well enough. Example Open Cities. So please ch...

Become A Jarl

$500 /mo
A new town for a new Jarl. Name your Jarl your town and location, within parameters of the game. Includes the style of the town built. Limited to eight houses or farms, includes of course npcs, wor...