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About The People's Bailout

The People's Bailout Initiative is a project led by a small, agile team interested in giving Black People money. A prior version of this projected existed on Facebook in 2018, under the name "Reparations For Black People".

We were able to move approximately $10,000 from the hands of non Black people to Black people in under 30 days. With primarily microdonations between $1 and $10, we were able to give money to over 200 people before we had to close due to the health of our team.

As multiply marginalized Black people we know best what we need, and we want to give it to each other. It is as simple as that.


This Patreon is one of many avenues we will use to raise money. We will take 10% of that money to cover any fees, infrastructure costs, and payment. The remaining 90% of money raised will be split into payments of $250 that will be sent to the Black people in our network every month. So, for every $277 we raise, we will give $250 to Black people. The more money we raise, the more Black people we will be able to give money to.

In addition to monthly payments, we will be actively seeking donations, grant money, and other benefits for Black people so that we can most better each other's quality of life, especially now in the age of COVID-19.


We strive to be agile, and to constantly work to ensure that all of our processes and plans make the most sense and help the most people. During RFBP, we faced a lot of problems, and had to constantly think on our feet to resolve them. Our plan is to continue that mission, through intentional infrastructure development and communication to all parties.


We believe in transparency and communication, and RFBP proved that. At the time, we kept a series of google documents and spreadsheets where all donations were tracked, and that were updated in real time. Unfortunately, the level of labor required for that was detrimental to our health, so we have made some adjustments. By streamlining the process, we believe we can maintain our commitment to full transparency.

After all donations are received and payments are made, we will share a monthly transparency document, detailing how much was raised and from where, how much the stewards are paid, all costs, as well as when available, any feedback we receive from our community members.


We realized recently that developing a centralized space for Black GoFundMe's and other fundraisers, as well as resources for no strings attached financial support is ideal. In RFBP we were committed to a space free of having to share and perform Black Trauma to get your basic needs met, which is why there are no strings attached to the Black people receiving these funds. That being said, we feel that we could signal boost and amplify Black fundraisers with intention in this space.

Plus, we'd like to test the possibility of using SEO strategies and targeted ads to drive traffic to fundraisers more intentionally, and hopefully get more people the money they need, so that we can start to one day receive the money we want.

As our government continues to refuse to do anything to help us during these unprecedented times, we have to do what we can to help each other. Our hope is that this project can help.
$182.58 of $69,250 per month
When we reach $69,250 a month, we will be able to pay 250 Black people $250 each month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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