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About The PepTides

Hello, people of Earth! We are The PepTides. We are more than just a band—we are a nine-member art collective supported by a loving community of fans.

Our art pokes fun at humanity's foibles in the form of raucous dance parties and lavish apocalyptic fêtes. We like to sing our truth about love, hate, revenge, sex, religion, war—and getting ready for dates.

Our fans mean the world to us. To all our angels who have supported us now and in the past: THANK YOU. You know who you are. We love you. We wouldn't be here without you. Our goal with Patreon is to amplify the positive feedback loop between us and our fans.

If you are among those who dig our art and want to see more of it, the three best ways to support us are: 1. Come out to a show (and introduce yourself—we're excited to meet you!) 2. Buy an album. 3. Make a donation through Patreon. No donation refused. Every little bit helps.

There are other places where you can engage with us online (Spotify, YouTube, Facebook), and we hope you do. But Patreon is different. Patreon is special. Even a modest contribution of just a few dollars a month (say, the price of a pint of Beau's) goes further to supporting our art than all the others combined.

It takes a bit of pressure off us and helps us do what we're here on Earth to do: to write songs and play shows for you to enjoy. Thank you for your time.

The PepTides
$36.96 of $75 per month
We'll be able to pay for our (heavily discounted) rehearsal space each month without dipping into band funds.

Q. How do all nine of us fit in there anyway?
A. No one knows!
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