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About The Philosophy Paperboy

The Philosophy Paperboy is a service dedicated to professors, students and philosophy enthusiasts around the world. The Philosophy Paperboy collects the feeds of all academic journals, providing the user with the updated list in real-time of all publications in philosophy at the global level. Any pledge, no matter how small, will be very gratefully accepted and used to cover the cost of infrastructures, the time to maintain the service and to develop new awesome features. 

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Help us staying off the road, we want to build your next fav philosophy newsstand!

We are redesigning the service to give you a more fine-grained control over daily contents. You will be able to:

  1. Save papers and check them later in your reading list.
  2. Select which philosophers/journals you want to follow and access your personalised daily-timeline
  3. Receive a weekly/monthly digests with your fav publications.
  4. Free access to the RSS of your personalised timeline. 
  5. Access analytics. See what's published the most, the frequency of philosophy publications over time, and much much more.

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