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About The Piranha Lounge

Welcome to The Piranha Lounge!

Join The MeWe Group Here:

Minds Group now available as well:

1.) What is this group about and why did I create it?

I would say it serves as a sort of social experiment. A digital proving ground for ideas regarding life, the universe, and everything. I made it because I did not find what I was truly looking for elsewhere, so I created it myself.

2.) What makes it different from similar groups on MeWe(Minds/Elsewhere)?

I'm not sure yet, I have only been on MeWe/Minds for a short time. I had previously been using Kik, but I saw a much greater potential for development on this platform. I guess the differences between this group and others will be revealed in time as the group grows and develops.

3.) Relevant screen shots... Hmm, I got nothing.

4.) Rules of The Lounge

There are only 5 "Rules" as follows:
  1. Drop in some food for thought.
  2. Watch as the piranhas potentially devour your ideas. Will your idea sink or swim?
  3. Sift through the muddy water and find some gems of truth.
  4. Try not to be a complete troll.
  5. Realize that there is always something to be learned from any conversation or experience.
Try not to think of them as "rules" but more like the guidelines of the pirate code.

5.) Hashtags that may or may not always be relevant to the activities found within this group.
#philosophy #religion #space #existence #thehumancondition #reality #nature #life #universe #everything

Close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump in the water! 

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Proof of concept. If 10 people are willing to donate to this project, then I will continue my efforts here and try to create more entertaining and thought-provoking content for the "Piranha Lounge" YouTube Channel. It may seem like a small and insignificant goal, but the first 10 patrons are probably the hardest to get. If I can manage to get 10 patrons, and each of those patrons tells 10 other friends about the project, this will start to take off and the future possibilities are boundless. 
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