Brooklyn Institute for Social Research is creating The Podcast for Social Research

Lumpen Disruptor

$3 /mo
  • Our eternal gratitude 

Proletarian Thinkfluencer

$5 /mo
  • Additional eternal gratitude 
  • "Exposure"

Petit-Bourgeois Brand Ambassador

$10 /mo
  • Even more eternal gratitude
  • "Networking"

Bourgeois Thought Leader

$20 /mo
  • Lots of eternal gratitude
  • "Vital Industry Experience"
  • Submit suggestions and questions for future "mailbag" episodes

Venture Capitalist

$50 /mo
  • The Platonic ideal of eternal gratitude
  • "Investment Opportunity"
  • Submit suggestions and questions for our future "mailbag" episodes
  • A Brooklyn Institute Tote Bag